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National Nutrition Week 2018, 5 diet myths that hamper weight loss

National Nutrition Week 2018: September 1 to 7 is celebrated as National Nutrition Week. We tell you about 5 diet myths that are affecting your healthy diet goals.

fitness Updated: Sep 01, 2018 14:20 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
National Nutrition Week: Instead of opting for fad diets, you are better off eating a balanced meal and exercising for good health, fitness and weight loss. (Shutterstock)

National Nutrition Week is celebrated every year from September 1 to 7 to generate awareness about eating right for good health. While there is a lot of information available on diets, not everything is true or good for your health. So, instead of opting for fad diets, you are better off eating a balanced meal and exercising for good health, fitness and weight loss.

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Here are 5 diet myths that you need to know about:

* Fat is evil.

Not all fats are equal. So, while you should definitely stay away from chips, red meat and processed foods, you must not give up eating good fats found in nuts, seeds, fish and low-fat dairy. You need this fat for energy to power through your day, rebuild cells and produce hormones.

* Too much sugar will cause diabetes.

Just because diabetes patients have higher levels of sugar in their blood doesn’t mean that sugar causes the disease. Type 1 diabetes is caused when the cells in the pancreas that make insulin are destroyed. But sugar does make you obese, and if you couple that with inactivity, it can lead to type 2 diabetes.

You don’t need to ban desserts from your diet completely for weight loss, just have it in moderation. ( Shutterstock )

* Desserts should be banned from diets.

While some desserts do tend to be fattening and high in sugar, banning it altogether is not such a good idea. Research has, in fact, suggested that avoiding desserts altogether can cause overeating and make you fat. Instead, eat desserts in moderation and opt for healthier and nutritious desserts that don’t just pack in sugar.

* 100% fruit juice is good for you.

A basic nutritional fact is that a whole fruit is always better than juice since juice contains more calories and lacks fibre. A whole fruit provides nutrients and thanks to the fibre makes you feel satiated and eases the digestion process.

Sea salt is not a better alternative for salt, but since the crystals are larger you may end up using less of it. ( Unsplash )

* Sea salt is not bad for you.

While we are aware of the dangers of salt, many people feel that sea salt is a better alternative to it. But, keep in mind a gram of sea salt contains an equivalent amount of sodium as regular table salt. The only benefit it offers is that since the crystals are larger, you may end up using and eating less of it.

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First Published: Sep 01, 2018 14:20 IST