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Work out an effective weight loss routine

Workout is an integral aspect of weight issues. However, it is even more important to work out your fitness routine properly. According to fitness expert Vilayat Hussain, one shouldn't blindly copy others' fitness regimens. Read on for more such tips.

health and fitness Updated: Mar 07, 2011 01:30 IST

1 Never copy anyone’s fitness plan:

There can be no ‘one size fits all approach’ to weight loss. “Every person’s exercise program is customised after complete lifestyle and structural evaluation”, says fitness expert Vilayat Hussain.

2 Have six meals a day:

Instead of three heavy meals, divide your meals into six parts. “The energy that you give your body in the form of breakfast at 9am is consumed by 12pm. Your body starts demanding food again. Now, if you don’t eat anything, you use up the stored protein in your body and your energy levels go down. This eventually reduces your muscle composition and increases fat in your body. Therefore munching something light like a small portion of salad every 2-3 hours is a good idea,” says Sachdev.

3 Say no to food with complex carbohydrates post 7 pm:

Many people believe that chucking out carbohydrates from their meal in the night will help them reduce weight. “This is one of the biggest myths. You should only avoid complex carbohydrates found in things like bread,


, rice, pasta,




s. Replace these items with salads, sautéed vegetables, a small portion of fish or chicken," advises Sachdev.

4 Don’t skip meals:

Every time you skip a meal, you give your body the opportunity to use stored protein in your body. When you eat your next meal, your body gives a signal to store as much fat as possible from the meal.

5 The right diet:

Have fresh food items instead of processed ones. Lentils, beans and sprouts are a great source of protein. “Brown rice and oats give you carbohydrates. The serving size per meal must not be large than your fist,” says Hussain.

6 An ideal exercise programme should include:

Warm up with a focus on mobility drills, core training that includes static core exercises like prone planks and side planks with anti-extension exercises like Swiss ball rollouts and strength exercises that include at least 2 pulling exercises for every 1 pushing exercise, says Hussain.