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Lost your pet? These experts say they can telepathically connect with animals

If you’ve lost your pet, you can take the help of animal communicators who say they can connect telepathically with animals.

gurgaon Updated: Jun 04, 2018 14:54 IST
Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
Aaron D’silva says he conveys messages telepathically from owners to animals and vice-versa.
Aaron D’silva says he conveys messages telepathically from owners to animals and vice-versa.(Virendra Singh Gosain/HT Photo)

It was about 9 am on a crisp sunny day when Aaron D’silva’s phone rang. On the other side was Saba, a Noida-based advertising professional. She was tense, her voice laced with pain as she narrated to him what had happened: Saba was getting ready for office, and her cat, Dotty, as usual, followed her around the house. Suddenly, she realised Dotty was nowhere to be seen. She looked for her cat everywhere—in the bedrooms, bathrooms, almirahs, behind curtains, possibly every place she could think of inside the house. She looked for her on every floor of her 27-storey apartment building in Noida. But there was no trace of one-and-a-half-year-old Dotty.

D’silva asked for a photo of the pet, had a close look at it, took a deep breath, closed his eyes as if in meditation and established what he calls ‘a telepathic connection’ with the lost pet.

It was the beginning of D’silva’s ‘live chase’ of the lost pet. “I could see that Dotty had not stepped outside the house; I managed to talk to her and she told me she was stuck somewhere, which looked like a shaft in the house. She had jumped off the couch and landed there. I conveyed it to Saba,” says D’silva.

Saba frantically searched for the pet once again, but could not find it. She could not sleep the whole night—all the while D’silva kept telling her to search for it in and around the house.

The next morning, as Saba used the bathrooms, she could hear the faint meows, but could not see the cat. She could not figure out where exactly the sound was coming from. Finally, she went to the closed, unoccupied flat above hers and realised Dotty was indeed trapped in a shaft. “I did not even know there was a shaft. I was worried she would die if I did not find her soon. Anything could have happened if D’silva had not connected with her so fast,” says Saba.

Annukta Ganjoo claims to have handled 100 cases of lost pets in the past two years.
Annukta Ganjoo claims to have handled 100 cases of lost pets in the past two years. ( Aalok Soni/HT Photo )

It was one of the many live chases, D’silva, an animal communicator, had undertaken in the past few years in search of the lost pets. D’silva acts as a ‘mediator’ between the pet and its owners. His job involves conveying the message telepathically from the owners to the animals and vice-versa. These messages, he says, can be relayed across thousands of kilometres. “Telepathic messages are delivered and received in the form of sound, smells, visuals and sensations. Visual messages work the best. Once I establish a telepathic connection by looking at the photo of a pet, I get clear visuals of it and its surroundings,” says D’silva. “I can talk to an animal like I talk to a human. But I expect the pet parents to be on the field; they have to be focused and be involved in the search for a lost pet.”

An increasing number of pet owners are turning to animal communicators such as D’silva, who claim they can talk to animals—both living and the dead – and find out their location and why they left. They say not only can they locate the missing pets, but in many cases guide them back home. While some refer to themselves as animal communicators, others call themselves animal whisperers. They all claim to have inborn intuitive abilities that enable them to connect with the animals. Animal communication, they say, is a silent, telepathic language involving deepened intuition.

“Living beings, humans or animals, are made of energy and connected by a vast web of energy pathways. To establish a telepathic connection with the animal, you just tune in to the right frequency,” says Annukta Ganjoo, another pet communicator, who claims to have handled 100 cases of lost pets in the past two years. “All I need is a picture, name, age and the gender of the animal. And I see a lost animal the way you see a dream.”

Her success rate, she says, is 60%. She says a lot depends on the animal as far as getting them back home is concerned. “Sometimes, animals just do not want to return, it could be because they are not happy, or they feel they have performed their karma and they want to move on,” says Ganjoo. “At times I miss the connection when the two dogs have the same name, same breed, their owner happens to have the same name, and they live in the same neighbourhood. I cannot establish a connection with stray dogs because they do not have a name,” says D’silva.

Not everyone who can establish a telepathic connection with animals calls himself an animal communicator. Madhu Kotia calls herself ‘a spiritual healer and an ‘animal whisperer’. She says she ‘astrically’ connects with an animal’s ‘aura of energy’, which exists in an electromagnetic form. Her office in south Delhi is quite a curious place filled with the aroma of burning incense and an assortment of crystal balls, and sculpture statutes of God Pan, Archangel, and goddesses Isis. On the wall hang framed certificates of the courses she has done in ‘clinical hypnotherapy’.

Aaron D’silva acts as a ‘mediator’ between the pet and its owners
Aaron D’silva acts as a ‘mediator’ between the pet and its owners ( Virendra Singh Gosain/HT Photo )

Kotia too claims to have the ability to connect with an animal with the help of its picture and objects associated with it such as toys and get a sense of its location. “I had a case where sitting at my office I had located a cat, but as I tried to guide her home she would further go into the pit. So I asked the owner to go and pick it,” says Kotia. D’silva says one cannot order animals, one can only request them. “Cats are always more difficult to deal with and trace; they have a mind of their own. They do not respond easily.”

Pune-based Manjiri Latey, the country’s best-known pet communicator, says she gets about six cases of lost pets every day. “Sometimes, people call me at midnight,” she says. Talking about why animals get lost in the first place, in a majority of cases, Latey says, they leave of their own volition. “There could be multiple reasons; sometimes they do not have personal space. My objective is to give a voice to animals.”

Adds D’silva, “People need to understand that dogs are not dolls, they are living beings, they need enough space to live in, they need to be exposed to all kinds of environments. They need to be walked, exercised, and trained.”

Latey organises workshops in telepathic animal communication designed to ‘help you reawaken your telepathic ability and connect with animals .’ Every human, she says, is born with intuitive abilities. “All we do is help them sharpen that inborn intuitive ability.”

So, what are the motivations of those who attend her workshops?

“A majority of them want to be able to talk to their pets and some want to connect with their dead pets. In some cases, they want to apologise to them. Human and animals are energy in bodily form. The body dies, the energy does not perish. We can connect with it,” says Latey, a certified animal communicator who has trained with telepathic communicators such as Maia Kincaid, Carol Gurney and Kim Pickett. “The basic premise of telepathic animal communication is that energy follows thoughts.”

Latey says sceptics are another category of people who join her workshops.

Some of the top vets are sceptics. They say telepathic animal communication is nothing but a hoax. “There is no scientific basis for their claims; it is just not possible. You can only remember your dead pet in a deep meditative way that feels like talking to them. But there is no actual communication, no messages can be conveyed,” says Prof Krishan Murari Lal Pathak, vice-chancellor, Uttar Pradesh Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Pashu Chikitsa Vigyan Vishwavidyalaya, a veterinary science university in Mathura.

S. Sukumar, a veterinarian for 38 years and managing editor, The Indian Veterinary journal, which has been published since 1924, says: “The claims of telepathic communicators are laughable. As a vet, I can say there is no scientific evidence for the methods of these telepathic communicators. I reject their claims outright.”

And what Latey has to say about that? “What science cannot quantify, it denies.”

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