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5 health benefits of Salsa that you didn’t know

The first benefit begins with weight loss. Any form of dance is always good to keep the body fit.

health and fitness Updated: Apr 07, 2016 16:08 IST
Neeraj Maskara
Neeraj Maskara
Hindustan Times
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Dancers Neeraj and Gosia perform a synchronised Salsa movement. (HT Photo)

Salsa and its origins can be traced to the mid-1970s in New York, with added influences from some Latin American dance forms. Touted as the most popular dance form in the world, Salsa is mostly associated with spicy and hot connotations due to its name being the same as that of a spicy Latin sauce. Even though it is mostly considered as a romantic form of dance, it has various health benefits as well. Here are 5 such benefits of this dance form which you probably didn’t know.

Weight loss
The first benefit begins with weight loss. Any form of dance is always good to keep the body fit. While it burns your calories on one side, it also aids in increasing your stamina and proper blood circulation. An intense dance form like salsa can help you burn around 5-10 calories every minute.

Muscle work out
While doing salsa, most of the body muscles are well exercised. The calves, hamstrings and the core receive a great amount of exercise due to constant body movements. The upper body also has to maintain various positions during salsa thus receiving a good workout too.

Salsa derives its name from a Latin spice. (HT Photo)

Better memory
Dancing not just helps in physical fitness, but mental fitness too. It involves heavy usage of our memory through recalling steps, patterns, progressions and dance routines, making it an amazing exercise for your brain. Who wouldn’t want a young, calm and alert mind.

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Body balance
Balancing in one position is usually a cakewalk but learning to balance yourself in multiple positions while dancing is a tough task. Salsa helps you master such positions through steps and progressions. This helps in the strengthening of our muscles, while keeping our body core safe, thus lessening the chances of accidents and injury that we may have. Salsa also increases overall coordination and helps in increasing our reflexes.

Neeraj is also the organiser of Bailamos Dance Festival in Mumbai. (HT Photo)

Healthy bones and joints
Salsa being an intense dance form involves a lot of movements. It helps in keeping the bones and joints fit, and also aides in preventing diseases like osteoporosis. Dancing also helps flex your joints, which in turn help prevent diseases like arthritis. Salsa as a dance form can be performed by the elderly too. It also helps women during the post-menopause period.

If these many health benefits don’t make you hit the floor, we wonder what will. So, put on your dancing shoes, now.

(Neeraj Maskara is a renowned Salsa dancer and the organiser of Bailamos Festival 2016.)

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First Published: Apr 07, 2016 16:06 IST