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Blame it on your genes

We inherit our eating patterns from our parents. Prema K on why gymming does not guarantee visible results at times.

health and fitness Updated: Dec 22, 2007 18:21 IST
Prema K

All sorts of people go gymming. For some, losing weight and building a sculpted body is too much of an effort. They blame it on their genes and are happy to work out just to stay fit. Then there are the body-obsessed sorts who work out diligently, checking out their bodies often in the middle of their workout. And then there are those who work out religiously every day but with no tell-tale signs. And they never give up.

Only sweat
Sonali Shah has been a regular gymmer for four years. But her grouse is that the weight around her waist just refuses to budge. Ditto Nirav Sheth. Why spend hours in the gym without any visible results? Shah admits, “I don’t follow a regular workout pattern. My workout depends on my mood. Even when I follow a schedule, I give up after aweek.. it’s too boring.”

Rajesh, a fitness trainer says, “Workouts have to be body-specific and well-planned. The intensity of workouts is also important. Otherwise one will not see changes in one’s body structure.” He attributes this to inadequate weight training and faulty diet.

Over-exercising.. over-eating
Shah’s workout primarily comprises cardio. At times, she exercises for over two hours. According to Rajesh, over-exercising leads to loss of musclemass and an increase in body fat.

Nirav admits to over-eating after his workout. “I work out at night and feel very hungry. It feels good to indulge oneself after a workout. It doesn’t make me feel guilty.”

Reebok master trainer Vinata Shetty says, “Some people are under the impression that exercising gives them the licence to eat. When the diet is not monitored and the calorie intake is more than what is burnt, no amount of exercising will make a person lose weight. Very often, this is a lack of understanding of the nutritional value of food.”

Shetty says hypothyroidism is a genuine reason for weight gain and the inability to lose it easily. She adds, “Hypothyroidism can be controlled by medication but it’s basically responsible for a sluggish metabolism. It makes you gain weight easily.”

Fighting your genes
Although she agrees with the common belief that you can’t fight your genes, she feels we inherit our eating patterns from our parents. She explains, “A child who has been overfed will have more fat cells. He will be overweight. This cannot be altered but the size of the fat cells can be controlled by the right diet and an exercise schedule.”

Shetty has no qualms adding that the perfect bodies of models and film stars are quite often the result of surgery and airbrushing. She elaborates, “Very rarely does one have a perfectly sculpted body. Many of us have one or more problem areas in our bodies, irrespective of how hard we work on them. You have to accept that and try to camouflage that.”