Ciprofloxacin facts
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Ciprofloxacin facts

Contraindicated in children below 12 years, pregnancy, lactation and in hypersensitivity cases.

health and fitness Updated: Mar 26, 2004 18:44 IST

Systems: General (Systemic)
Category: Antibiotic (Fluoroquinolones)


This drug is a part of the second Generation 4-Quinolones having higher activity against many Gram Positive and Gram Negative, but not anaerobic organisms. They are concentrated in the Macrophages and Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils.They are concentrated also in urine, kidney, prostatic tissue and achieve therapeutic levels in lungs and bones as well. It is completely absorbed and is distributed throughout the body, it has elimination half life of 3-11 hrs, and is excreted by the kidney.


Fluoroquinolones are used to treat bacterial infections in different parts of the body. They are useful against many Gram Positive organisms including Enteroccoci and Methicillin resistant Staphylococci and Gram Negative organisms but not anaerobic organisms.They are both bactericidal and bacteriostatic .

Routes of Administration and Dosage

For oral dosage form (tablets): Adults: 250 to 750 milligrams (mg) every twelve hours for five to fourteen days, depending on the condition being treated. Gonorrhoea is usually treated with a single oral dose of 250 mg. Children upto 18 years of age: This drug is not recommended in infants or children. For injection dosage form: Adults : 200 to 400 mg every twelve hours.

Contra Indications

Contraindicated in children below 12yrs, pregnancy, lactation and in hypersensitivity.


In Brain or spinal cord disease, including arteriosclerosis of the blood vessels in the brain or epilepsy or seizures: Fluoroquinolones may cause nervous system side effects. Renal and hepatic impairment: Patients with renal disease (alone) or renal disease and hepatic disease (together) may have an increased chance of adverse effects.


With : Aminophylline, Oxtriphylline, Theophylline - ciprofloxacin may increase the chance of adverse effects of these drugs. Antacids, aluminum-, calcium-, or magnesium-containing, Iron supplements or Sucralfate : These may keep any of the fluoroquinolones from being effective. Caffeine : ciprofloxacin may increase the risk of adverse effects of caffeine. Didanosine : Didanosine may reduce the effectiveness of the fluoroquinolones. Warfarin : Ciprofloxacin may potentiate the effects of warfarin, increasing the risk of bleeding diathesis.

Brand Names

Abact (Sarabhai), Alcipro (Alkem), Alquin (Grandix), Baycip (Bayer), Baycip-Uro (Bayer), Bekaycin (Boehringer Mannheim), Bicipro (Kee Pharma), Biocip (biochem), Biocip IV (Biochem), C-Flox(Prem Pharma), Careflox(Synthiko), Cebect (plethico), Cebran (Blue Cross), CFX (remedies), Cifomed (Aglowmed), cifran(Ranbaxy), Cifran Infusion (Ranbaxy), CIP (Helios), Cipad (Albert david), Cipic (Biological E), Ciplox (Cipla), Ciporic (Euphoric), Cipract (ACE), Cipride (Torrent), Ciprind (Indoco), Cipro( Core), Ciproace(Ranbaxy), Ciprobact(Combat Drugs), Ciprobid (Cadila Healthcare), Ciprobiotic (Emcure), Ciprocap (Pharmasynth), Ciprocore (Core), Ciprodac(Alidac), Ciprodel (Citadel), Ciproglen (Glenmark), Ciprolet (Dr Reddy's), Cipromed (Medopharma), Cipromir (Samir Remedies), Cipromycetin (Mac), ciproquin(Kramer), Ciprorich (Richie), Ciprosol (SOL), Ciprostar (Arvind Remedies), Ciprovar (Lupin), Ciprowin (Alembic), Ciptam(SunPharma), Ciptop (Systopic), Cixin (Chemage), Coflox (Mavccleod), Conflox (Concept), Cosflox(CFL), Disquin (Wockhardt), Empcip(Medico), Flocy (Natco), Floron (Ashok Pharma), Floxaquin-C (Themis Chemical), Floxip (Max), Frencip(Indo-french), Fulgram(USV), Ificipro Infusion (Unique), Lypro(Lyka), Maflo(Mapra), Mancipro(MaanPharma), Mencip(Menarini Raunaq), Mescoflox(Mesco), Microflox(micro Labs), Ntbec (Neon Labs), Oracip (Mercury), Orpic( Dey's), Panflox (Pfimex), Panzer(Medispan), Penquin (Hinustan ), Q-Bact(Saga Labs), Q-Bid( Kamron), Quep (Neo Pharma), Quin-C( Karnataka Antibiotic), Quincy(Gland Pharma), Quinobact( Allergan), Quintor(Torrent), Raflox(Rallis), Recipro(Aurobindo Pharma), Recocif(Recon), Seflox(Jagsonpal), Strox(dabur), Supraflox(Khandelwal), Syproxin(Synohem), Ultraflox(Bal Pharma), Wyserin(Wyeth Lederle), Zipcin(Gufic), Zoxan(FDC).


First Published: Mar 26, 2004 18:44 IST