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Don't be a gym jerk

Whether you are a gym newbie or the fitness know-it-all, who goes about doling out advice, there's no reason you can't follow basic gym rules. Here go some gym etiquette you should not ignore.

health-and-fitness Updated: Feb 06, 2014, 18:58 IST
Aditi Caroli
Aditi Caroli
Hindustan Times

It's not just lethargy that makes us reluctant to hit the gym. Many of us also dread facing fellow gym goers who can get on our nerves. With their irksome habits or absolute lack of gym etiquette, they make the gym hour hard for us. Actor Ayushmann Khurrana agrees, "Some gym goers test our patience.

Heavy lifters have this habit of making strange noises while lifting weights. But what annoys me most is body odour. They must use deodorants!" Veteran model Indrani Dasgupta hates those who insist on small talk.

"People who get chatty without taking a hint that you're hard pressed for time annoy me the most," she says.

Fitness expert Vesna Jacob warns us of gym socialites.

"They have a knack of placing themselves around people they consider important. They colour coordinate their outfit and love to talk about their clothes, work, social life and all else, but exercise. I've even seen some grab a few cocktails prior to their workout!" she says.

Prachi Gupta of Fitho Wellness says that no one should ignore basic gym etiquette.

"Learn to share gym equipment. Be mindful of time limits on cardio and weight machines. If you want to use a machine for a long time, go at a time when the gym is less crowded. Also, don't pitch up next to the person working out while awaiting your turn. And don't use the same towel you wiped your sweaty face with to clean machines!" she says.

Those who must mend their manners: 'Drenched-in-deo' types

You know they are entering the gym even before you see them. We are not talking about any karmic connect. It's because of the crazy amount of deodorant they use. They just don't understand that perfume overdose is equal to bad odour (or even worse).

Lesson to learn: Applying deodorant before you sweat it out is a must. Nevertheless, that doesn't give you the license to bathe in it!

Moaners and grunters

They love flaunting their bulked up bodies and make those weird noises while lifting weights. If they think that the girl on the treadmill next to them finds it sexy, they can't be more wrong!

Lesson to learn: Don't show off. You are working out for your own good and nobody else's, so just stick to that goal, mate.

The chatterboxes

They hover around you with muft ki salah. And they're the ones who'd do really well if they used even half the advice that they throw on others. Also, they are eager for small talk, telling you about the fling that their best friend's spouse had to why their dog doesn't like ice-cream!

Lesson to learn: You're in the gym to get fit. Don't strain telling or asking about family, relationships, problems etc.

Dirty hobos

They come all smelly and sweaty to the gym. They never clean their seat, machines and the washroom cubicle they use. They litter around and do not hesitate to borrow face wash or shampoo from others.

Lesson to learn: Be hygienic if you want people to like you! Also, don't be a freeloader! It wouldn't hurt to carry your own stuff.

The Attention Seeker

They come wearing tight, exposing clothing, and loud makeup. They don't know they're expected to wear workout gear, and often forget to cover up properly.

Lesson to learn: A deep neckline, a glittery top and a tight pair of jeans are a No-No! Also, don't come in cake-faced. Sweat will wipe off all that makeup anyway.

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