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Heal the world

On his India visit, Master Zhi Gang Sha speaks about how Mumbaikars can be healthier.

health and fitness Updated: Dec 09, 2010 14:45 IST
Lina Choudhury-Mahajan
Lina Choudhury-Mahajan
Hindustan Times

Canada-based Dr Master Zhi Gang Sha is the pioneer of Soul Mind Body Medicine. He’s also a New York Times best-selling author and recepient of the Martin Luther King Award. Here’s a bit about his healing techniques, his philosophy and how he thinks Mumbaikars can be healthier.

India is a country where several alternative healing practices abound. How do Soul Mind Body techniques fit in to such a mosaic?
Soul Body Mind techniques fit in easily here. While I honour all kinds of medicines and treatments, I believe that teaching self-healing is the biggest boon. It’s also easy to learn. In both Delhi, where I was a few days back, and Mumbai, I found that people are very spiritual, warm and caring. My most devoted students are from India.

What philosophy do you live by?
I am a servant of humanity. My work here is to serve as a healer and teacher.

How do Soul Mind Body Medicine’s healing techniques cure an ailment?
Soul Mind Body Medicine combines the essence of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine with ancient energy and spiritual healing secrets from China. The healing techniques are known as The Four Power Techniques — these are primary self-healing tools based on ancient healing practices combined with latest quantum science discoveries.

Many of these techniques have been guarded for 5,000 years. The most important power is soul power — it can heal, boost energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity, prevent sickness, rejuvenate, prolong and transform every aspect of life. Sound power is the use of healing mantras and vibrational healing sounds as spiritual tools for healing cellular vibration of the body, organs and tissues.

Mind power means using the potential of the brain to activate self-healing responses. Body power is the use of a few select secret ancient martial arts hand positions. These four power techniques can be used effectively by anyone, even small children.

Can they cure any ailment?
Yes, Soul Body Mind Medicine has treated everything from cancers to blindness but there is no guarantee. A lot also depends on the person receiving the healing.

Have you had any illnesses or afflictions that you’ve overcome with Soul Mind Body techniques?
I am a very healthy person. Except for the glasses I wear, I have no other health-related issues. People ask me why I don’t heal myself but my specs are of a low number and I am comfortable wearing them.

Can one do away with medicines and completely rely on healing?
No, I am a qualified MD from China. I never tell people to toss away medication. They can continue with their medication and do the healing simultaneously.

You have healed people the world over. Is there any particular case that comes to mind that was really unusual?
Just last week there were two people in Delhi who were partially blind. One of them could not see for the last six years. They both managed to see after they received Soul Body Mind Medicine.

How many followers does Soul Mind Body Medicine have?
About a hundred thousand people and a few thousand teachers worldwide.

Do you think more people are turning to spirituality today?
Yes, as the world becomes more advanced and life becomes more hectic, more and more people are seeking spiritual answers.

Any advise for people in Mumbai, most of whom are living unhealthy lives and are prone to lifestyle diseases?
I’d advise them to meditate, chant, be loving and peaceful.

What’s next on the agenda?
I’ll be going to Goa, Chennai and Bangalore, to meet my friend Shri Shri Ravi Shankar.

First Published: Dec 09, 2010 12:25 IST