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Invention is better than cure

Things from your bathroom cabinet can prove effective remedies. Insiya Amir lists the benefits of few of them.
Hindustan Times | By Insiya Amir, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUL 11, 2007 11:59 AM IST

You never know what wonders things from your bathroom cabinet can do or so it would seem. There are people out there who swear toothpaste cures zits and Vicks vaporub fixes cracked feet.

"Though there is no substantial evidence to prove that these remedies are effective, I do know that they are popular and have been known to work on people who have used them," says general practitioner Dr Porus Kapadia.

Toothpaste Try applying a bit of toothpaste to a zit that pops up right before a big day. Be careful use only white paste. Gels and whitening pastes contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide that might burn your skin.

The toothpaste is most effective when used on the pimple when the whitehead has been formed. Utsa Sharma, an IT professional, says, "I always have a huge, visible mount in the middle of my forehead before an important day, be it a presentation or a meeting.

The toothpaste dries it up and makes it less visible".

Vicks You know what else is a common problem in the winter other than a cold? Cracked feet.

Ranjita Singh, housewife, says, "I get so caught up with work around the house that I end up running around barefoot most of the times. I think I have tried all creams claim ing to treat cracked heels but noth ing worked. Once I was feeling very cold so I rubbed some Vicks on my feet. Voila, I had soft feet the next morning. I use it regularly now."

Next time you rub Vaporub on your chest, rub some on your feet too. And then cover them up with socks.

Disprin Apart from being the 10-minute cure for a headache, Disprin is said to be an effective remedy to treat a sore throat. Instead of swallowing the pill, try a gargle with a mediumsized glass of warm water with a Disprin dissolved in it. It will relieve the pain, and the cough, and you have effectively not ingested any drug either.

Milk of Magnesia We all know that Milk of Magnesia cures constipation. Maybe it's the same principle of flushing-out that makes it very effective to treat skin problems.

Applying Milk of Magnesia in an area affected by an allergy or acne is very effective. Cosmetologist Dr Blossom Kocchar also recommends it in a remedy for severe acne.

Take one teaspoon of Milk of Magnesia and mix it with one teaspoon of water. Leave it on for five minutes and then rinse off with water.

Follow this up with an application of a paste composed of one egg white and mashed garlic. Wait for this to dry and then wash off.

This remedy is supposed to work wonders. Milk of magnesia flushes out the toxins, the egg white helps the skin to dry up and garlic acts as an antiseptic.

Saliva You can fight fire with fire. For acne problems, apply saliva first thing in the morning. Yes, your own stinky, stale, saliva. The bacteria present in your mouth - probably the same that rot your teeth and gums - is effective in killing the bacteria that cause your acne infection.

Leave it on for at least 30 minutes.

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