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Let there be lightness

An online survey suggests that cleaning up your clutter can avoid bad Chi and stress, reports Sonal Kalra.
Hindustan Times | By Sonal Kalra Sonal Kalra Sonal Kalra Sonal Kalra Sonal Kalra Sonal Kalra, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUN 03, 2008 07:46 PM IST

An online survey on stress recently revealed that one-third of the respondents felt wary of going back home after work every evening because of the clutter they'd have to face and the accompanying guilt of not being able to clean up. What's with us fellows? Clutter at home, clutter at work-place…most likely clutter in the brain too (if you are anything like me).

Science says that clutter or a state of perpetual disorganisation is one of the biggest contributors to stress which, in turn, causes the body to secrete Cortisol, a hormone that could lead to anxiety and agitation.

Oh well, this explains why some of us, in perfectly cheerful mood otherwise, turn grumpy and agitated on entering home. I can bet on the fact that almost all of us have stuff in each room of our homes that we've not used for ages. And we keep adding new things too.

Eventually, the mini museums that our rooms become, start giving us tension and other ailments. All Feng Shui and Vaastu experts swear by the importance of positive Chi in the home for good health and peace of mind.

Which brings us to the calmness trick for this week. If you don't use it, just lose it !! Let's not think of cleaning up in one go, as it'll only add to the stress. There are practical and easy ways of getting rid of the clutter.

Discard one unused item every day, Logic says. If you haven't used something in the past six months, it's unlikely that you'll use it ever. Every time you buy something new, give up one old item. Enough of emotional attachment with old clothes, unused toys, junk items and knick knacks. ‘Donate' is the keyword. Go room by room and divide stuff into four boxes: to donate, to throw, to keep and to store.

Don't we all feel really light and calm whenever we clean up a closet, a drawer or a book rack, even if the impact of decluttering is not outwardly visible? Let's make the magic happen.

Sonal Kalra is determined to tie up with the local kabadiwalla and earn money…and peace of mind on a weekly basis.

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