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Om nom nom! The ultimate winter foods to binge on this season

Once you’ve seen the visual spread we’ve put together you’re surely going get cookin’.

health and fitness Updated: Dec 17, 2015 15:15 IST
Madhavi Marasini
Madhavi Marasini
Hindustan Times
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Hot chocolate is essential to winters, so are a lot of other things.(Shutterstock)

Winter is coming and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Covered up in warm woolens from head to toe, winters make us lazy and forever hungry. And there is no better way to enjoy the winters than with your favourite comfort food. Let us all celebrate the season of festivities and chilly winds with amazing food and beverages this winter. It is too cold to diet the next few months, so stay cozy at home and cook delicacies you simply cannot get enough of during this time of the year.

They might be too simple, too heavy or maybe completely unhealthy (they’re supposed to be) but they are totally yummy. Not to mention comforting. We’ve pulled together some meals and beverages for you to eat over the coming months. You may think they’re pretty obvious, but we’re sure you’re glad you’ve been reminded of them. They are all delicious, all easy to make, something you want to keep eating all winter.

And once you’ve seen the visual spread we’ve put together you’re surely going get cookin’.

1. Soup

Chicken soup is for everyone’s soul. (Shutterstock)

Duh. Soups are the best comfort food. They even named a book series after them. Just the thought of a nice, warm, slurpy bowl of goodness soothes our soul. So throw your favourite ingredients into a pot, cook until the concoction is glazy and enjoy with some lovely fresh bread.

2. Momos and Thukpa

Things we don’t mind burning our tongues on: Thukpa and Momos. (Shutterstock and Instagram/devilartist)

Thukpa is becoming one of our favourite winter staples. These Tibetan meals require a lot more effort if you want to make it at home but they are so worth it. Step outside with a hot bowl of Thukpa and a side of spicy momos and soak yourself in the winter breeze. The weather’s too good to stay indoors and you know it.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Even merely walking past a sweet potato vendor is blissful. (Shutterstock)

Fry them or bake them, they’re super delicious and very versatile. Add a nice little dip on the side and they become the perfect, and even a little healthy, snack to munch on with your friends.

4. Pakodey and Chai

Pakodey and Chai are awesome, no matter the season. (Instagram/almarri_ and Instagram/so.ummm.yeah)

Show us a person who doesn’t love this and we’ll fry them with the pakodas they hate so much. Pakodas, chai, a great book and some good music. That’s what we call heaven.

5. Pancakes and Hot Chocolate

Waking up to the smell of fresh pancakes- awwwww yiss! (Shutterstock)

Addiction is bad. And we apologise for potentially getting you hooked onto these. Hot chocolate is paradise on earth, in a mug. It’s so unreal, chocolaty and creamy. We all love a hot breakfast in the winters and there’s nothing like a stack of hot pancakes with a steaming cup of cocoa to go with it. Sure, you’re probably not going to get anything done during the day after that but who cares.

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6. Dry Fruits

Enjoying peanuts with the whole family, tucked in your warm quilt is life. (Shutterstock)

You will be packed with trail mixes of luscious dried fruits this Diwali. It is the perfect winter indulgence and is so light that you can eat all day long. So snack on them and get all that heat and energy you want.

7. Spicy curries

Butter Chicken on a chilly night, need we say more? (Shutterstock)

A hot bowl of spice-infused curry with subtle hint of turmeric, and cumin will definitely make you happy during one of those times where you just want to be alone. Now hand us a hot bowl of fluffy rice and leave us to our meal.

First Published: Nov 13, 2015 15:06 IST