Women power?

A recent study shows that wives take away the lion's share of post-divorce possessions.

health and fitness Updated: Sep 05, 2005 19:40 IST

A recent research shows that wives are bigger grabbers than their men when it comes to dividing possessions after a divorce, as men attach less value to the things they once possessed, and are more willing to put their past behind them, to make a move on.

"Men are far keener than women to put their past behind them and want to move on. Women, by contrast, have a far greater emotional attachment to their home and its contents, seeing these things as the fabric of their lives," Daily Mail quoted Denise Knowles, a counsellor at Relate, as saying.

Out of a list 24 items, including photos, pets, the TV, bed and even the lawnmower, men were happy for their ex to keep 19.

The survey carried out by Yorkshire Building Society survey showed out of a list of 24 items, including the family home, photographs and pets, men wanted their ex to keep 19 of the things listed, while women only wanted their former husband to have eight of them, even though they did not want the other items themselves.

The findings revealed that while men were keen for their ex to keep the bed, television, wedding album, lawn mower and garden accessories, house plants, coffee machine, Monopoly board and the family pet, they were reluctant to give their house to their ex-spouses. The other things men were more likely to get than women were the car, CD and DVD collections, the laptop, digital camera and the booze.

32% of the men wanted to keep it to themselves compared with 30% who wanted their ex to have it - the car, the laptop, digital camera and CD and DVD collections.

However, women were keener to keep the family home than men, with 50% wanting that as part of the division of property, although 64% were more likely to want the dog or cat .

The study also made clear that women are more likely to keep things than men, as they have their feelings attached with the belongings.

Around 46% of women kept the house, compared with just 29% of men, with other couples selling it, while 56% of women kept the television, something just 39% of men got.

First Published: Sep 01, 2005 20:09 IST