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Angie already had a great body: Ed Chow

Celebrity trainer Ed Chow who worked on actor Jolie in Tomb Raider and recently Lynn Collins in John Carter, insists a regimen should include lot of everything.
Hindustan Times | By Serena Menon, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 01, 2012 05:30 PM IST

At a time when most popular regimens promise instant results when it comes to losing weight and building muscle, celebrity trainer Ed Chow dismisses them all. Responsible for actor Angelina Jolie’s trend-setting and headline-making body in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001), Chow has been working on getting Hollywood actors into shape for many years now.

“Angelina was perfect for the part. She already had a great body and also worked very, very hard for it,” says Chow, adding that she performed most of the stunts herself. “The stunt double basically shows them what to do. It’s my job to prepare them not only to look the part, but also be physically ready for the stunts.”

More recently, Chow made sure that Hollywood actor Lynn Collins looked like a warrior princess in the fantasy-action film, John Carter, which releases on March 9. The actor is also known for her role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).

Incidentally, both Collins and Jolie followed a similar regimen to prepare themselves for the films. “I trained them both for three months, five to six times a week for about two hours a day. It’s more about changing their body shape to fit what the part demands. For instance, with roles that require a lot of body definition, we do free weights, martial arts, some Taekwondo and machine exercises,” he says.

In the case of Collins’s regimen, however, the makers had asked Chow to make sure the “Muscle actually comes through all the tattoos she has on her for the film.” Stressing upon how getting the diet right is equally, if not more important, in this case, he says, “Eating small portions five to six times a day is essential. A lot of time and hard work has to be put in.”

Secret regimen With numerous techniques to lose weight mushrooming around the country like Pilates, spinning and hot yoga, fitness freaks are sometimes left perplexed about what to opt for. Ask Chow what he would place his bet on, and he wipes the slate clean before explaining, “There is no one exercise. Everything has to be part of the perfect regimen; which includes spinning, cardio, resistance training, weights and even general gymming. You mustn’t stress only on one aspect.”

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