Robert Pattinson and John David Washington in a still from Tenet.
Robert Pattinson and John David Washington in a still from Tenet.

Robert Pattinson almost passed out after discussing Tenet with Christopher Nolan for the first time

Robert Pattinson could feel his blood sugar drop during his first meeting with Christopher Nolan for Tenet.
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UPDATED ON JUN 24, 2020 01:45 PM IST

Actor Robert Pattinson has said that he almost fainted during his first meeting with director Christopher Nolan for Tenet, because the conversation went on for several hours and he could feel his ‘blood sugar drop’. Pattinson spoke about the upcoming science-fiction action film with Entertainment Weekly recently.

“I went to meet him, and we kind of talked for three hours, and I have no idea what I’m meeting for, what the subject is,” Pattinson said. “I was actually going back through his filmography to kind of try and predict what sort of genre he would go into next. And then, after hours of talking, he finally kind said in the last two minutes, ‘So, I’ve been writing this thing and would you like to come back and read it?’”

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It was then that Nolan brought up Tenet, but Pattinson didn’t go into detail about what they discussed. He did, however, feel the exhaustion kicking in. “There was this pack of chocolates on the table,” Pattinson said. “I had a massive blood sugar drop by the end of this conversation. I thought I was going to pass out because we’d been talking so much. I was trying to concentrate so much. Finally, I asked for one of the chocolates and he immediately ended the meeting. I was like, oh my god, I f**ked it up.”

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While little is known about the film, or its characters, Nolan did provide some details. “Rob plays a character called Neil in the film — or we think may be called Neil. You never really quite know what’s going on with these identities. But he’s the very definition of a fantastic supporting character. He’s a very important character to this film, but he’s very much in support of John David’s character.”

Tenet, which Nolan has described as the most ambitious film of his career, stars John David Washington, Kenneth Branagh, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia and others. The film is slated for a July 31 theatrical release.

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