The crazy strategy Marvel is employing to keep Avengers Infinity War plot a secret

Marvel is going to crazy lengths to keep the plot of Avengers: Infinity War a secret - and if Robert Downey Jr is to be believed, even he doesn’t know if Iron Man lives or dies at the end.

Avengers Infinity War Updated: Apr 20, 2018 11:07 IST
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Robert Downey Jr. reacts during a promotional event for the latest Avengers: Infinity War movie outside the Walt Disney Grand Theater at the Shanghai Disney Resort.(AP)

Robert Downey Jr has perfected the art of evading questions about Iron Man’s fate in Avengers: Infinity War. The actor, who first played the character 10 years ago in Iron Man, has responded to rumours of Tony Stark’s impending demise with everything from non-answers to talking about a different topic altogether. But at the recently held press junket in Singapore, Downey Jr told NDTV that Marvel hasn’t even told him how the movie ends.

“Marvel hasn’t even told me what the end of this movie is,” he said, before launching into the same answer he gave everyone who asked this question at the Singapore red carpet, “I have been seeing fans queue up from 10 in the morning - I really appreciate that. If I was walking the red carpet and if they were not around, I would cry.”

But Downey Jr’s statement confirms something that directors Joe & Anthony Russo had said earlier. To avoid spoilers from leaking out, they’d made sure that actors would not be given complete scripts. Multiple versions of pivotal scenes were shot, as well as multiple endings.

Actors from left, Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hiddleston pose for the media during a promotional event for the latest Avengers: Infinity War movie. (AP)

Said executive producer Trinh Tran, ““We don’t give anyone the full script. They just get their part of the script.”

She added, “Some days the actors don’t even know what they are shooting, they are told on the set what they will shoot that day. Out of all the Marvel movies, this is one of the biggest kept secret films. We went in being very protective.”

The Russos recently shared a letter addressed to the fans in which they informed them that to ensure their experience watching the film isn’t spoiled, the film would not be shown in its entirety until the Los Angeles premiere. The press would only be shown certain segments of the film, keeping important plot points a secret.

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First Published: Apr 20, 2018 11:03 IST