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Watch: First trailer for Z for Zachariah is A for amazing

Everest, Suffragette, 7 Days in Hell, The Walk, Z for Zachariah and Macbeth; trailers for as many as seven new Hollywood filsm are out. Watch them all here.

hollywood Updated: Jun 07, 2015 17:10 IST
Somya Singh and Rohan Naahar
Somya Singh and Rohan Naahar
Hindustan Times
Macbeth,first trailer,Everest

When several trailers for extremely diverse movies are released on the same day, that's when you feel really glad to be a movie fan. From a survival thriller on top of the world to an intimate romance after the said world has ended; from a heist thriller in 70s New York to England at the turn of the century; from Shakespearean art house fare to a mockumentary featuring Andy Samberg from The Lonely Island: These trailers will transport you across time and genres.


Justin Kurzel, director of twisted Aussie serial-killer movie Snowtown helms Michael Fassbender in what appears to be a gloriously raw performance in Macbeth. Aside from the prestige factor that comes with a Cannes premiere and Shakespearean roots, the primary take away from the short trailer is the stunning cinematography and comic book inspired, highly stylized action. Kurzel’s tone is chillingly spare, just like his visuals. We’re calling it now: Adam Arkapaw (True Detective) is a shoo-in for a best cinematography Oscar. And don’t be surprised if Fassbender and Marion Cotillard attract awards attention. Macbeth looks stunning.


Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur directs an avalanche of stars including Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clark, Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, John Hawkes, Josh Brolin and more in survival thriller Everest. The trailer highlights the chemistry between the ensemble of common people undertaking a brave adventure together. Based on a true story of a real accident that happened in 1996, the film almost looks like a monster movie, the daunting mountain inspiring a tale of bravery and survival as families wait for their loved ones to return (Knightley and Emily Watson seem wasted in particularly clichéd roles). But the visuals are stunning and stakes high, so count us in.

Z for Zachariah

You know that feeling when you’re so helplessly in love that it seems like you’re the only two people on earth? The constant paranoia and insecurity. The complete devotion to just one person? Craig Zobel’s (Compliance) film takes it literally. Margot Robbie and Chiwetel Ejiofor star as the last couple on earth in Z for Zachariah. He captures the emotion poets have been talking about for centuries in his Sundance smash. Offering a unique take on the post-apocalyptic film, Zobel attempts to tell an intimate story of a relationship set against a staple sci-fi genre. And just as our two leads start getting comfortable, in comes Chris Pine, hamming it up as a silver-tongued redneck. Cue the tension, jealousy and betrayal.

The Walk

Robert Zemeckis has constructed what looks like one of the few times it would be justified to seek out a movie in 3D. His dramatization of Phillipe Petit’s highwire act across the twin towers in New York back in the 70s looks to be borrowing heavily from James Marsh’s excellent Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire. With a groovy 70s vibe, heist movie thrills, awe-inspiring 3D shots and Joseph Gordon Levitt channeling Pepe Le Pew, The Walk seems to be one of the few times a movie deserves to be described as an event.

7 Days in Hell

What an oddity this film is. Remember the Nicolas Mahut John Isner match at Winmbledon that lasted 11 hours, it was the longest match ever. In 7 Days in Hell, we see two tennis players played by Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington eclipse that record. As Will Forte declares into the lens at the end of the trailer, 7 Days in Hell is a perfect title for a match that lasted, you guessed it, 7 days. Shot in a mockumentary format like Borat, the film takes us through what happens on and off the court during the legendary match. Armed with cameos by Serena Williams and John McEnroe, and the hilarious factoid that the film was shot in just 3 days (shorter than the events it portrays), this looks like it could be a surprisingly fun couple of hours.


The film starring Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter, is inspired by true events. It’s based on Britain’s long and violent journey towards getting women the right to vote in the early 20th century. Directed by Sarah Gavron, the intense drama centers on Maud, played by Carey Mulligan, whose life is upended when she joins UK’s growing suffragette movement. The movement heads underground following increased police aggression.

Mulligan, who is up for a Tony award on Sunday for her performance in David Hare’s Skylight, plays a working wife and a mother who is inspired by the group’s leader Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep). She becomes an activist for the cause alongside women from all walks of life. This intense drama is already creating Oscar buzz.

First Published: Jun 06, 2015 09:46 IST