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Chintan Rachchh: Navratri back home was far better than that in Mumbai

Oct 17, 2023 11:14 AM IST

The Class actor recalls how he would never play dandiya or garba being an introvert and would mostly be involved in puja or preparations at home

Actor Chintan Rachchh, who shifted to Mumbai from his hometown in Gujarat in 2018, misses the Navratri celebrations back home. As an introvert, he never actively participated in dandiya events, but the festive atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the people around him made him happy. He tells us, “I never played dandiya or garba being an introvert. I would mostly be involved in puja or preparations at home. But Navratri back home was far better than that in Mumbai.”

Chintan Rachchh was seen in the web show Class.
Chintan Rachchh was seen in the web show Class.

Rachchh goes on, “The excitement in the air was infectious, and even I, an introvert, would feel happy just being around people who were so enthusiastic about everything related to the festival. Several days before Navratri would begin, people would start preparing for the celebrations, and the energy was palpable. And even after it was over, the celebrations would continue. It was like a big family getting together. Every society would have events where everyone would participate and perform. Also, at home, mom would do puja every single day. There is a small temple in every house including mine and mom would do aarti every single morning during Navratri. Every evening, mom or sister, who so ever was free, would Garba aarti,” he adds.

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However, in Mumbai, he finds that there is no community culture and people hardly interact with each other, making it impossible to celebrate the festival in the same way. “I have tried to celebrate Navratri with my friends and colleagues, but it’s just not the same. Once, I attended a navratri event, and it was so full of people that I could hardly breathe . There is hardly any space here (laughs). Also, there is a lack of community interaction. It’s like we’re all just living in the same space, but not really connecting with each other, hence you can’t really expect society events,” he adds.

Rachchh believes that the lack of community culture in Mumbai is due to the fast-paced and competitive nature of the city. “Everyone is so focused on their own goals and aspirations that they don’t have time to stop and enjoy the little things in life,” he says. “In Gujarat, people would take time off from their busy schedules to celebrate Navratri, but here, people are too busy chasing their dreams. Also, the events are very commercialised.”

While it’s difficult to go back home due to work commitments every year, Rachchh shares how he tries to stay connected to the roots. “I do feel at times that I am not in touch with my roots but that’s when I consciously try to be in touch with my family during these days so that I don’t get disconnected. I may not be able to celebrate the festival the way I used to back home, but I still find ways to enjoy the spirit,” he says, and adds, “This time, I am planning to go home for a family ritual. I am not sure about the plan as it will depend on my work commitments, but I really want to go."

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