16-yr-old raped in Mumbai hospital

The cancer patient has been allegedly raped by two ward boys, reports A Sharan.

india Updated: Apr 16, 2007 04:46 IST

A 16-year-old girl, afflicted with bone and soft tissue cancer, was allegedly raped by two unidentified ward boys about five months ago inside an operation theatre of the Tata Memorial Hospital. The girl made the allegation after discovering she was a few months pregnant.

An FIR registered with the Bhoiwada police on Saturday — based on the victim’s statement — said she was raped after being wheeled inside operation theatre Number 8 for a major surgery, and while on anaesthesia. The two accused, added the FIR, verbally “abused” her while she was being transferred from the operation theatre to the recovery room.

The rape, according to the FIR, happened on November 18 last year. She was discharged two months later but continued visiting the hospital for check-up. After she stopped having periods, her mother enquired with the doctors, who allegedly said it could be because of “excessive blood loss and weakness”.

On Sunday, the hospital authorities strongly denied the allegations, though a hospital statement said it had ordered an “internal inquiry to find out the culprits, if any”.

Based on the victim’s case papers at the hospital, Tata Memorial Centre’s director, Ketayun A. Dinshaw, said ultrasound tests done on the patient at the nearby Wadi hospital showed she was carrying a “27-week live foetus” — which means she must have conceived in mid-October, when she was not admitted to the hospital.

First Published: Apr 15, 2007 17:35 IST