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2004: Year of manifestation

The much awaited discovery will be in using solar power to produce electricity, on a mass scale, as could never be used before.

india Updated: Dec 29, 2003 15:52 IST

Every New Year brings with it exciting possibilities of newer and newer discoveries and inventions. Dramatic turnovers in the way scientists think and feel are so rapid, that the scientific journals of a while ago seem like baby-class stuff to the scientist of today. It does not take hundreds of years for scientific hypotheses to be turned on their heads, as happened when the discovery that the flat Earth was 'not round', as previously believed.

With the passing decades many phenomena have come to light, and today it is sometimes difficult for a scientist to reconstruct his own and his colleagues' attitude of 1950s. And it is even more difficult for the young generation to envisage the stand of science in those years, almost five generations ago. Since then, many discoveries of the Space Age have completely changed our understanding of the structure of the solar system, and radio astronomy has brought home a new and exciting picture of cosmic spaces and of the forces that act in them. It is easy to be misled into thinking that this knowledge was already common in the early fifties; thus who better to quote than Einstein as a spokesman for the prevalent scientific view of that time?

At that time, Einstein had serious differences of opinion with Immanuel Velkovsky, who pioneered the concept that the Universal bodies were constantly emitting electro-magnetic waves, and not only static energy. He also propounded that these electro-magnetic forces affected every other heavenly body, however far apart they may be.

Today, as we approach Year 2004, this becomes a laughable situation, as there is no more convincing necessary about the powers emitted by these bodies, for they have been accurately measured time and again. The use of these interacting energies will form a distinct shift in the way we love our heavenly neighbours, as we allow their energies to consciously intermingle with ours.

Digging deep into the structure of the atom, and the subsequent discovery of sub-atomic particles, has made Rutherford's model of the atom seem rather simplistic. As we move from space science to atomic science, the passing decades have brought to us the future of nano-technology, which I predict will be the next Super Power that we will learn to integrate into our daily lives.

Each force present in the deepest parts of the structure of matter will be multiplied synergetically with those around it, to completely wipe out all existing ways of looking at an atom as an indivisible whole.

Another breathtaking advancement which will integrate itself into the workings of the human world would be bio-chemical technology, where biology and chemicals interact to produce stunning amounts of power and force, radically altering the way in which our gadgets will work.

The most wholesome, clean, and much awaited discovery will be in using solar power cheaply to produce electricity, on a mass scale, as could never be used before. Fossil fuels will become what their name suggests - "fossilized"!

And lastly, supercomputers, which work at the 'speed of thought' would be brought from the world of fantasy into the real world!

Welcome Year 2004 - the Year of Manifestation of all the above!

First Published: Dec 29, 2003 15:50 IST