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A hundred voices

I don?t agree with Vir Sanghvi?s contention in Against the current (March 9).

india Updated: Mar 12, 2006 22:44 IST

I don’t agree with Vir Sanghvi’s contention in Against the current (March 9). Indian Muslims belong to different schools of thought and their attitudes to national issues are diverse.

It is inappropriate to pass judgment on all Muslims because a few miscreants who threaten secularism and peace happen to be Muslims. I too condemn all those who try to break up the country and raise a campaign of hate.

Sami Rafiq


It is true that the conduct of the extremist Muslim fringe is helping to polarise Indian society on religious grounds, more than the fulminations of Hindutva champions. Political polarisation can be prevented from becoming a clash of religious bigotry only if mainstream Muslims stand up against Islamist wreckers.

Bishan Sahai
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No place for foreigners

Greg Chappell has crossed all limits of decency and needs to be shown the door instead of being let off with a mere warning. There is no dearth of talented coaches in India.

It is a matter of shame that India is hiring and depending on a foreign coach. When the team wins, credit goes to the coach and when it loses, the players are blamed. Chappell’s contract needs to be terminated before it is too late.

J.P. Saxena

Poor Zahira

Justice seems to have been done in the Zahira Sheikh case with her arrest. It’ll be advisable for the courts to appoint an independent agency to identify the parties under whose influence Zahira changed her statements. Let this be taken as a test case to demonstrate that our judiciary is independent and heeds its own counsel.

Amarjeet Singh


Imprisonment for perjury is all very well, but Zahira Sheikh has been victimised yet again. One can empathise with the plight of a girl who saw her family burnt to death and losing all source of livelihood. Such a person can easily fall prey to inducements. Keeping all these incidents in mind, the honourable court should reduce Zahira’s sentence to the minimum.

Paramjit S. Kochar
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First Published: Mar 12, 2006 22:44 IST