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A world of charms

We bring to you “Ten Great Good Luck Symbols” from around the world, which will help you know a place and its beliefs better.

india Updated: Feb 09, 2011 02:28 IST

We bring to you “Ten Great Good Luck Symbols” from around the world, which will help you know a place and its beliefs better. It might sound a little strange, but from the bust of a lady to an outstretched finger, people believe, these mascots bring them luck.

Statue of Juliet, Casa di Guilietta; Verona, Italy
Visitors to this tragic heroine’s statue rub her right breast in the quest for good luck. The truly romantic also leave love letters on the walls of her house.

Van Mieu (Temple of Literature); Hanoi, Vietnam
In a long-standing tradition, students with pending exams come here to touch the heads of the courtyard’s 82 tortoises for luck.

St John of Nepomuk Statue; Prague, Czech Republic
Touching the statue of St John of Nepomuk is said to bring good luck, but if you want good fortune, walk a few steps towards Old Town and find the cross with five stars on the left parapet of the bridge. Touch each of the five stars with a finger and make your wish!

Rock of Luck; Kusu Island, Singapore
Visitors to this bright yellow monument will notice a plethora of four-digit numbers written all over its surface. For those unfamiliar with the Singapore lottery, these are “picks”. Believers have defaced this rock in the hopes of becoming rich.

Worthersee Mandl; Klagenfurt, Austria
Legend has it that in an effort to remind a group of late night partiers that Easter was the next day, this little guy uncorked a barrel of water and in so doing, created Lake Worthersee. In spite of this daunting story, visitors today come here to rub his outstretched finger for good luck.

Toritos de Pucara; Cusco, Peru
The profusion of goofy-looking ceramic bulls in spite of their frightened, bug-eyed expressions are believed to have powers of emanating good fortune.

Charging Bull; New York City, New York
While Wall Street has been an exceptionally unlucky place lately, it’s said that touching the private parts of this bull will bring good luck.

La Chouette; Dijon, France
The town’s beloved owl carved into the wall of a centuries-old church, is said to bring luck to those who touch it with their left hand.

Magellan Statue; Puenta Arenas, Chile
It is said those who rub the foot of the Pantagon man who sits at the base of this statue are said to be sure to return to the area.

Grgur Ninski Statue; Split, Croatia
This 20-feet imposing statue of Grgur Ninski commemorates the 10th century bishop, who fought to hold religious services in the Croatian language. The statue is thought to bring good luck to those who rub its big toe.

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