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Accessories that add flair to your car

Accessories are instant giveaways as far as their owners are concerned - and these products tell their own story.

india Updated: Jan 12, 2006 15:07 IST

Just like you make a big fashion statement with your funky sunglasses and designer wallet so does your car. Drape it up well and it's no longer just a means of transport. It's a statement about who owns and drives the car. Just like a blaring stereo tells you that you can expect a bunch of kids just out of school on their way to becoming grown up adults are behind the wheels. Similarly a well maintained car with clean upholstery and a picture of an idol will tell you that here is a car owned by a mature individual who loves his steed and takes good care.

Accessories are instant giveaways as far as their owners are concerned. Crass, bright, loud accessories tell their own story.

To give you an example what would you make of a guy who has one of those transparent steering with fluorescent stripes on it? Make your own guess and I am not going to share mine as in all probability it might not be too flattering. But the point I am trying to make here is that not all accessories are junk items or do nothing for your ego or convenience. On the contrary I offer you a list of accessories which might do your car a good turn Alloy wheels: on my accessory priority list this is the first item. Simply because it gives a lot of personality to the wheels and the car. Steel pressed metal wheels look boring and bland. But alloys liven up things considerably and if you are not too finicky about your fuel average you can put in some low profile tyres. As for the effect you have to stand a few feet away and just watch your car. The lower stance seems more confident and the car looks much more dynamic. An added advantage is that alloys being lighter tend to improve fuel efficiency and also provide better cooling for the brakes.

But alloys must be bought from a reputed dealer and come from a known manufacturer. The best-known Indian brand is Aura and prices range anywhere between Rs12,000 to 30,000 depending on the type of car and the wheel size.

Sunroof: Now finally in India we have a reputed manufacturer of sunroof in Webasto who offes an entire range for most Indian cars. And this is actually sunroof, which can be electrically opened and shut with blinds. Many consider the sunroof to be of completely cosmetic value but I differ because in a country, which offers so much of sunshine, it can be a source of bonding you with nature.

On a pleasant day you can switch off the air-conditioning and breathe in the fresh air specially if you are driving out in the open roads. It is an accessory, which comes to a regular use and though not of necessity but it actually improves the look of the car and provides an enjoyable experience. Sunroof starts from Rs 20,000 and go all the way to about Rs1.5 lakh for bigger cars with more options.

CD/MP3 player: A must to make your drive a pleasurable experience. A drive specially when one is not commuting out of necessity is a blissful experience with the audio system playing your favourite music. A good system is a must for a good car and today one can buy a decent system for around Rs 10,000. Again buy only from a known dealer and make sure you are buying a genuine one. The packaging often gives away a fake so check it very carefully.

Also insist on warranty papers and a receipt. You can even get your audio system insured but for this a receipt is a must. So make sure you take one.

First Published: Jan 12, 2006 15:07 IST