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Activating Sun chakra

The day of Brahma is over and time is now ripe for the activation of the Sun Chakra, which had been lying dormant in human body for all these years.

india Updated: Mar 24, 2004 17:17 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

One day of Brahma, that is 26000 years of Earth time, has been completed in the year 2003. The time is now ripe for the activation of the Sun Chakra, which had been lying dormant in the human body for these many past years.

This Sun Chakra is situated between the root chakra, and the sacral chakra, and corresponds to the awakening of the spiritual spark of the human being. This chakra is also part of the Earth's chakras, and is also now being activated in the body of Gaia.

The opening of this chakra is a major contributing factor in the evolution of the soul. Its dormancy was due to the fact that that human consciousness was not ready to understand, nor awakened enough to utilise the awesome power of this chakra for uplifting the soul into Ascended Master Consciousness.

Humans are now in a position to hold a position of responsibility among Beings of Light, and can use the transforming power of this chakra to do so.

The three Golden Lions are the guardians of this Chakra. They help to support humanity by teaching humans to recognize the truth, to stand up and roar this truth, fearlessly. This process helps the human to build up his own identity, rather than be the clone that society expects him to be.

Activating this chakra involves letting go of all past issues, which have clouded up the soul's vibration.

Make a list of all your past life important milestones, both the grand and happy ones, as well as the challenges that life fed you with. Write down the happy ones with a green pen, and the challenging and difficult ones with a violet pen.

Go through the difficult challenges, one by one, feeling all the emotions that arose within your heart and soul at that time. Consciously wipe out each of those feelings with a cloud of violet fire, until there is only the strength of the wisdom learnt left within you.

Forgiveness for others who caused you pain, and self-forgiveness for allowing this situation is an integral part of releasing the past. Watch the Golden Lions assist you in this process, and ask them to give you all the assistance you need. You will be able to feel their warmth and strength seeping into you as you feel their closeness.

Then go through the happy and joyful times, one by one, again reliving the bliss of those times. You will feel so amazingly light and powerful after this exercise.

This is a cathartic exercise, and serves to reopen the Sun Chakra. Ask your Masters, or Devas, to help you to open up your Sun Chakra, and fill you with its spellbinding light, strength and aura.

This will now open you up to the true purpose of your life, as this Chakra will be the catalyst to the unfolding of your new life.

You now become the catalyst to help others around you to release their past fears and issues, thus propagating the chain reaction of opening everyone to their own inner strengths. This happens because the opening of this chakra burns away the veils of illusion between you and your Mastered Soul. It changes the focus of your ego, from human-centric, to soul-centre.

This process will move you, forcefully and purposefully into your growing Soul-Power, unleashing all the dormant potential that is now required to transform you into an Ascended Master!

First Published: Mar 24, 2004 17:10 IST