Alonso still negative about Formula One

Defending world champion Fernando Alonso pledged to focus on his title battle with Michael Schumacher.

india Updated: Sep 28, 2006 16:09 IST

Defending world champion Fernando Alonso reaffirmed his negative views about Formula One on Thursday, but pledged to forget them this weekend and focus on his title battle with Michael Schumacher.

The 25-year-old Renault driver leads the retirement-bound seven-times champion Schumacher by two points in this year's championship and knows nothing less than his very best will enable him to resist the rampant Ferrari man.

"I feel the same -- and when I say something it is because I think that," said Alonso, referring to his outburst at the Italian Grand Prix where he and his Renault team felt they were the victims of a conspiracy.

They accused the sport's ruling body, the International Motorsport Federation (FIA), of cheating.

"It is not because I am angry, but because I feel that. Many people feel that but nobody says it," said the Spaniard.

"It is my job, my life, F1. I enjoy so much driving the car, but when I came here I still think the same. In other categories there is sport, but here there is a little bit of everything."

Three weeks ago, in qualifying for an Italian race won by Schumacher in emotional and dramatic circumstances, Alonso was penalised controversially for blocking Schumacher's Ferrari team-mate Brazilian Felipe Massa.

He was relegated five places on the starting grid, from fifth to tenth, but in the race recovered to fight back to third before his engine blew up.

On the morning of the race, he said he did not consider Formula One to be a sport anymore.

Alonso told reporters in Shanghai that he will never forget his feelings from Monza, but vowed also to put it behind him and concentrate on retaining his crown.

"I will put it out of my head for this race and the rest of the championship, but I will not put it out of my head in my career, or in my life. Never," said Alonso, stony-faced.

"All my career I will have some memories and some feelings that happened to me in go-karts and in many races I did in 20 years, but what happened in Monza will always be there.

"But, for sure, not now in this fight in this championship. You forget -- and you beat the others on the track.

"I was angry at Monza, of course, and disappointed and frustrated for sure. But I still have the same feeling now. Frustration and disappointment. I don't carry anything in my normal day and I don't carry anything in the car.

"At Monza, I went into the car with confidence and relaxed, because I knew the final target was to be on the podium. I was third when we blew up so this was quite interesting but in a calm way."

He said he still felt Formula One was no longer a sport in his eyes.

"It (F1) is a big show, no? For everybody, a lot of television coverage, a lot of money involved in F1, with television rights and sponsors, everything. And the driver is just part of the show."

First Published: Sep 28, 2006 16:09 IST