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Anita innocent: Father-in-law

Rubbishing all suspicions surrounding Anita Durani’s involvement in the murder, Omkarnath Durani says Anita has nothing to do with the murder of anyone, report Jaya Shroff & Ravi Bajpai.
Hindustan Times | By Jaya Shroff & Ravi Bajpai, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 24, 2008 12:04 AM IST

Disheveled hair, red eyes, tired body — a visibly upset and worn-out Omkarnath Durani stood outside his 35A, Kanchenjunga Apartment in Noida with folded hands pleading innocence of his daughter-in-law Anita Durani in Aarushi Talwar’s murder.

“Who says the police has picked up my daughter for interrogation? I just met Anita and she is doing just fine,” said Durani.

Rubbishing all suspicions surrounding Anita Durani’s involvement in the murder he said, “She has nothing to do with the murder of anyone. Anita is secure wherever she is,” Raising his folded hands, a little above his head—Omkarnath went inside his ground floor apartment refusing to disclose where she was.

The servant in the Durrani household also refused to reveal her present location. On being questioned whether Dr Rajesh Talwar frequented the Durranis, he said, “He always comes here for parties mostly accompanied by his wife. He never comes alone.”

All the windows of the apartment were closed — showcasing a deliberate attempt to shut the outside world from interfering into their private domain.

Meanwhile there was enough to mourn about at Aarushi’s maternal grandparent’s household. It was anyway unfair to expect much reaction from the old, harassed and helpless couple who had lost almost everything they held dear. Standing outside their apartment the couple was making unrewarding efforts to evade the media. “Please leave us alone. My daughter is not guilty. Please go from here,” folded his hands and slammed the door.

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