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Annual tarot forecast for Gemini

Ma Prem Usha shuffles her deck of Tarot cards for 2004 to predict what lies ahead for those born under the sign Gemini.

india Updated: Jan 03, 2004 12:07 IST

‘The Lovers’ symbolise the Gemini sun sign in the Tarot pack and express the qualities of creativity, intelligence, innocence and duality. Gemini is open, receptive, sensitive, intuitive and readily inspired by new ideas, professional opportunities and significant people. You are quick-witted and scintillating company.

Physically Invigorating
You are centred and strong as Yin and Yang energies are balanced within you! ‘The Empress’ transforms you and brings balance in all areas of life. You spend wonderful times with friends, family and loved ones. You enjoy a memorable vacation in June.

You enjoy eating out occasionally but prefer entertaining at home this year. Over-indulgence in food, drink or emotion can lead to health problems. Avoid alcohol as it can have an unpredictable effect. Yoga, dancing and walking regularly keep you fit. Variety is the spice of your life and you experiment with clothes, colours, make-up, diets and fitness routines. Your elegant appearance and high spirits add to the impact you have on people. Being aesthetic, sensitive and moody you dress according to your moods.

Mentally Well-Balanced
You gain from supportive partnerships and collaborations. Good fortune and professional success are on the cards! You achieve equilibrium within and project it in the outside world! You handle and gain from two different activities at work. You entertain new opportunities as current projects reach completion. This is a year of endings and new beginnings in professional and personal situations! Use this interval to celebrate both – the end of the old and the coming of the new. You complete one project and start a new venture in July. ‘The Hanged Man’ makes you aware of patterns and dull routines in your work area. You realise that changes are needed and you move into new opportunities and update systems that prove to be gainful. Your meditative, creative and sensitive approach transforms the quality of your work. Professional success may lead to a change of lifestyle. Overseas travel is on the cards!

Emotionally Satisfying
You are open to affairs of the heart in 2004! Energies are in perfect balance to manifest love, pleasure, beauty, grace and happiness in personal relationships. After a period of strife there is contentment in personal relationships and harmony in the family as you are sensitive, emotional and caring. You maintain a soft, refined and gentle image and function from inner strength and clarity this year. Women and children play significant roles in your life while your own children bring joy and demand attention. The role of a parent, mother or woman is bound to manifest. Feelings and emotions surface like never before and you spend time and energy on parents, children, family, loved ones and friends. You bond and support them through difficult times! Issues regarding relationships are resolved this year. Your elegant appearance and gentle nature leave an impact in social circles.

Spiritually Time To Grow
Healing and transformation are on the cards! Your gracious, creative and positive approach transforms everything you do. You take responsibility for your health, wealth, happiness and spiritual growth! There is a major change in attitude as you stop agreeing with other’s ideas and going along with situations that you don’t like. Your focus is lifted from the outer, material world and superficial relationships. When you drop illusions and go beyond the opinionated mind you know the difference between dream and reality. You have a more integrated perspective of the world when you allow all of life’s colours to penetrate you. A new vision of life and reality is your blessing this year!

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First Published: Jan 03, 2004 12:07 IST