Archer is ready to take on the world
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Archer is ready to take on the world

Ma Prem Usha shuffles her deck of Tarot cards for 2004 to predict what lies ahead for the Sagittarians!

india Updated: Jan 22, 2004 14:48 IST

‘Art’ symbolises the Sagittarius sun sign and expresses qualities of confidence, self-esteem, aesthetics, honesty and a broad outlook. The attributes of this card are a combination of forces, realisation, action based on calculation, economy, management and success after elaborate manoeuvers.

Physically Challenging
Physically you tend to overdo things and over react to situations. You adjust after assessing your energy, center within and strengthen yourself this year. You excel in sports and aesthetics, but don’t take on more than you can chew at work! Stress related problems may surface, so maintain a balance. Avoid being laid back, when you need to be active. Travel and change keep you on your toes! You make an impact in social and official functions. A trip overseas in September-October is on the cards! A residential move or redecorating home and office space is likely. Keep an eye on your finances.

Mentally Uplifting
Mentally a professional or business change leads to growth and success. You make significant contributions in professional ventures with your gift of communication. You express yourself creatively and boldly. You’re seen and heard and make a difference wherever you go. You throw caution to the winds and take a quantum leap towards what you always wanted to do and actualise your potential.

The Hermit brings completion in professional and personal situations. You achieve synergy and co-operation at work. Clear decisions in August and September give you a new motivation and bring international opportunities. You make a dramatic entry in a new field. You are no longer diffident about offering advice, support or opinions.

Emotionally Fulfilling
Emotionally, The Moon takes you through delusions, emotional difficulties and choices! The Sun shines through in March when you see a clear and happy future. You break through patterns, addictions and restricting relationships. Personal relationships come out of difficulty and lead towards commitment. Love and meditation add a new dimension to your individuality. You don’t compromise or live up to other people’s expectations. You enjoy a busy social life and are the irresistible charmer gathering interesting people, family and friends around.

Spiritual Harmony
Spiritually you are true to yourself and function best in an individual capacity! You spend time alone for introspection, relaxation and rejuvenation of energy. You grow and flower and find truths through spiritual pursuit and meditation. You retain a balance and harmony in relationships and come out of karmic emotional difficulties without being harmed. Competitive and destructive forces are unable to get you. You find answers within yourself and begin to see life as it really is.

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First Published: Jan 08, 2004 17:23 IST