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Arjun Rampal chat

Arjun Rampal was known only for his 'model' looks apart from being known as supermodel Mehr Jessia's husband. Now with six Bollywood films under his belt, latest being Aishwarya Rai's home production Dil Ka Rishta, to boast of he has proved a point - models can act. Read transcript of the chat with Rampal on January 22.

india Updated: Jan 22, 2003 20:40 IST

Manavshukla: Hi Arjun, how do you feel working with Aishwarya Rai?
Arjun_Rampal1: Yeah, it was good! We have been modeling together.

Manju: You just went to New York, I heard. Which all Hollywood movies have you signed?
Arjun_Rampal1: LOL! No Hollywood films as of now. I will let you know if something works out.

Rohit: When Maahika was born, she brought you the MOST PROMISING NEWCOMER award. Now when she's turned one, Dil Ka Rishta came out, which is going very well. Do you think she's your lucky charm?
Arjun_Rampal1: As a father I would definitely think so.

Gurps: How was your transition from modeling to acting? What do you like better - acting or modeling?
Arjun_Rampal1: Both are entirely different and I enjoy both.

Tikes4u: Are you doing any modeling currently?
Arjun_Rampal1: Only films as far now.

Ronnie_2k4: Who is your favorite female model?
Arjun_Rampal1: The one I married. You needed to ask that, didn't you?

Preeeyanka: I think you and Mehr Jessia look perfect together.
Arjun_Rampal1: Thanks!

Saneela: Hi Arjun! How are you? Well I just want to say that your roll on Aankhen was good. You were so funny... my brother liked you very much, especially when Paresh Rawal falls down on stairs...
Arjun_Rampal1: Thanks. I enjoyed doing that too.

Ruqia: You seem to praise Akshaye Khanna a lot for his performance in Humraaz. Would you like to work with him some day?
Arjun_Rampal1: Why not?

Ronnie_2k4: How tall are you? Above six?
Arjun_Rampal1: 6'2"

Umesh: What happened to Jadh? Will it ever come out?
Arjun_Rampal1: About Jadh, I don't know anything about it!

Sai_jj1: Hi Arjun, This is Jaya -- your classmate at St. Patricks. Remember me?
Arjun_Rampal1: Jaya D'Souza, right? Lots of love to you.

Smile: You have a very sweet smile. Is it natural or cultivated?
Arjun_Rampal: I have no idea what that questions means. I smile the way I smile, and that's it. If you want to know about my teeth then they are for real for sure.

Ruqia: Who is your favourite actor/actress?
Arjun_Rampal: It's very hard to say. I think everyone (among the current lot) has given memorable performances and has done really well at some points of time. So it's very hard to say who's your favorite.

Preeeyanka: How do you feel when you have to emote romantically with an actress? Does it become awkward at times?
Arjun_Rampal: It's just acting. I play the character which I am supposed to play.

Kushagramittal: If you had not been in field of glamour i.e. acting and modeling, where would you have been?
Arjun_Rampal: Perhaps working at a bank - that's where all the money is.

Merlyn11: Hi Arjun. I am a very big fan of yours. How is Arjun Rampal as a person?
Arjun_Rampal: I like to chill out and spend time with family. At the same time I like watching movies, read, indulge in outdoor sports, travel etc.

Rita: How close you are to 'Jai' of Dil Ka Rishta?
Arjun_Rampal: I think you are close to all characters you play.

Harsh: You looked amazing with Aishwarya in Dil Ka Rishta. You seem to share a great chemistry together. When are you going to come up next with her?
Arjun_Rampal: You will have to wait and see.

Jimmy: How is Bollywood for a newcomer belonging to a non-acting family?
Arjun_Rampal: So far so good. That's my story.

Preeeyanka: What do you think of the present breed of actors? Do you consider it healthy competition or competition you can do without?
Arjun_Rampal: I think nobody actually competes. Everyone's got their own style and an ability to create something special. I think no one actually competes. Few roles are suited better for some kind of people.

Ruqia: Which character most resembles you?
Arjun_Rampal: I try and be like the character I am supposed to play.

Karishma: What do you consider before signing a movie?
Arjun_Rampal: The script and the kind of people you are working with. I think they are the most important aspects.

Bonga: What kind of roles do you want to do?
Arjun_Rampal: You will have to wait and see.

Girish: Will Dil Ka Rishta win any awards?
Arjun_Rampal: I have no idea, man!

Ruqia: Would you ever consider directing a movie of your own, perhaps later in your career?
Arjun_Rampal: Haven't thought of it at all.

Playgirl: Would you pose in the raw if you get an offer from Playgirl?
Arjun_Rampal: Umm... I don't think so.

Fareed: Hey I heard there was a massive party at your place few days back. What was the occasion?
Arjun_Rampal: At my home there's party always!

Preeeyanka: How does it feel to be Mehr Jessia's husband and vice versa?
Arjun_Rampal: It's great. About vice versa, you need to ask her.

Nimrod: Like other actors are you also eyeing Hollywood?
Arjun_Rampal: Nothing's come up so far.

Prampal1: Hey Rampal, isn't that a rather unusual surname. Are you french?
Arjun_Rampal: Do you really think so?

Sai_jj1: As a boy you wanted to be a army officer, while in St Patrick's...
Arjun_Rampal: Too late for that now.

Merlyn1: What is your role like in Dil Ka Rishta?
Arjun_Rampal: I play 'Jai'. You should really check it out.

Anicomp: Hi Arjun? You are very handsome. Don't you get carried away when someone praises you?
Arjun_Rampal: My feet are firmly on the ground!

Neetu: What's your favorite drink? Will you be coming in a Coke commercial opposite Ash?
Arjun_Rampal: No

Vivek: Hi Arjun! Congratulations for a very happy family. Why do love relationships in Bollywood not last? And what's your secret of keeping yours successful?
Arjun_Rampal: I don't have a Bollywood love relationship.

Opinder: How difficult is it to balance personal and professional life?
Arjun_Rampal: No it's not really difficult. If you are a balanced person and you are disciplined, you can work it all out.

Dheeraj: Why do people in Bollywood evade tax? Do you get any nightmares of taxmen?
Arjun_Rampal: I think Bollywood guys are one of the highest taxpayers. And I think everyone gets nightmares of taxmen.

Lalooyadav: Who is your favourite politician? Are you planning to join politics?
Arjun_Rampal: I am not at all into politics. I have no favorites at all.

Shalu: Do you still retain the passion for cricket? How do you rate India's chances in the world cup?
Arjun_Rampal: I still love cricket a lot. I hope India really does really well this time.

Shivani: What's your petname?
Arjun_Rampal: I don't really have a petname as such.

Kajal: You were amazing in Dil Ka Rishta. How did you get the role?
Arjun_Rampal: A friend of mine, Shabir Boxwala, produced it. I had done one of his films earlier too. He narrated the subject to me. I went through the script and really liked it. So that's how it happened!

Sangita: Which actress will you like to work with?
Arjun_Rampal: I would look forward to work with all actresses.

Ruqia: Does love at first sight really exist?
Arjun_Rampal: Depends upon which website you go to -)

First Published: Jan 21, 2003 16:54 IST