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Art inspires accessory line

Artist Bose Krishnamachari has turned tables on the design fraternity by launching a personalised line of accessories for women and interior décor items.
Hindustan Times | By Jayeeta Mazumder, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 01, 2010 01:58 PM IST

Pop artist Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup dresses and Marilyn Monroe tote bags still evoke awe. So do the Pieter Mondrian art-inspired saris by designer Wendell Rodricks. Now artist Bose Krishnamachari has turned tables on the design fraternity by launching a personalised line of accessories for women and interior décor items.

Signature style
His signature style is palpable in the use of warm colours and textures on the clutches, bags, shawls and mugs. He’s happy that the ICIA Gallery contacted him to put together personalised merchandise. But Bose isn’t directly involved in designing the products.
Tushar Sethi, director of ICIA, reasons, “Art doesn’t need to be restricted to wall hangings alone. The idea of introducing accessories, which showcase an artist’s creative palette, is to introduce art to a newer audience. It also helps reappraise the current clientele.” While the execution of the concept might be relatively new in India, such collaborations are largely appreciated on a global scale, according to Sethi.

Krishnamachari recalls, “There were about 20 of us— 10 designers and 10 artists— and we put together a show in London, where designs inspired by Surender Reddy’s art and mine were displayed among others.” He encourages these kinds of projects: “In India, the trend hasn’t caught on yet. Designers, galleries and even colleges should encourage it.”

He agrees that collaborations with big labels help widen an artist’s scope: “Louis Vuitton has worked with international artists and promotes art seriously. With Damien Hirst collection for Levi’s or Andy Warhol’s portraits for Versace, you’ll see that they understand the popular elements in the artists’ works.” But Krishnamachari isn’t too certain about local material, saying “It has to be seriously curated. They have to ensure the quality is upto the mark. Using China-made materials doesn’t work!”

Clothes next?
Will he come up with a fashion line in the future? “Why not? I don’t buy the logic of somebody encroaching upon somebody else’s field. I do interior designing and architecture even though I’ve never learnt it. In the past, the engineering and mathematical skills used to come from the artist himself, so everything is art according to me,” he explains.

The artist is putting together a show in Dubai using furniture as art. He doesn’t believe in experimenting though “Experimenting is for school kids. My art is a kind of brand, so I don’t need to experiment.”

Artist is the muse
*Designer Wendell Rodricks has a collection based on the legendary Dutch painter Pieter Cornelis Mondrian.
*Mondrian prints were the main influence in a Gauri & Nainika collection as well.
*Dolce and Gabbana did a series of Jackson Pollock-inspired shift dresses.
*Gianni Versace’s 1991 Andy Warhol evening dress based on Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe print series from 1967.

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