ASEAN urges binding measures for democracy in Myanmar

The three-member delegation has told UNSC that the situation in Myanmar, ruled by a military junta, is rapidly deteriorating.

india Updated: Oct 05, 2006 15:42 IST

A three-member delegation from the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) called on the UN Security Council to adopt binding measures demanding democracy in Myanmar (Burma).

The delegation said on Wednesday that the situation in Myanmar, ruled by a military junta, is "rapidly deteriorating".

"We urge the council to adopt a binding resolution that will require the Burmese military to implement a plan for national reconciliation and transition to democracy with particular phases and timeframe," said Djoko Susilo of Indonesia.

The delegation is part of ASEAN inter-parliamentary caucus dealing with issues in Myanmar.

Loretta Etta Rosales of the Philippines said the military regime has drafted at least 70,000 child soldiers in the fight against ethnic groups demanding autonomy in Myanmar.

The conflict has sent thousands of refugees streaming into neighbouring countries.

The military regime in Myanmar has turned down repeated appeals for democratisation.

First Published: Oct 05, 2006 15:42 IST