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AT LFW: Close-up on Dubal, Sehgall's designs

Bennu Sehgall?s "creative energy" ran berserk as she opened the second day?s runway proceedings, writes Vinod Nair.
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UPDATED ON MAR 31, 2006 01:34 PM IST

Vinod Nair highlights the second day of the Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai.

Sonam Dubal:
On the second day of the ongoing Lakmé Fashion Week, Delhi designer Sonam Dubal lent a muted look to the whole collection with a strong accent on Nepalese tradition.

The designer made an attempt to interpret his theme with a light radical twist. Nepali-styled long skirts, short bandhini kimonos, wrap pants, churi (ruffled) sleeves, embroidered pyjamas, et al added charm to his collection. Gola zari embroidery on coats was particularly interesting.               

    Sonam Dubal's creation

But the designer perhaps should have restricted the use of ‘map prints’ on his creations which somewhat lost its fancy as they appeared in more than two of his garments, but the etching prints in other garments more than made up for the same!

Bennu Sehgall
Avoidable? Well, yes. Bennu Sehgall’s "creative energy" ran berserk as she opened the second day’s runway proceedings. This bundle of creative confusion also marked the beginning of "visible flaws" which a fashion event like this could well do without.

Gauhar Khan flaunts Bennu Sehgall's creation  

To begin with a highly overdose of glitzy embroidery coupled with the usage of rather heavy beads made the rather poorly turned out garments (description? well frankly, no words!!) hang in certain places.

The designer, it seems, tried her hand at creating a drama on the runway (please note the headgears and the machismo sprinkled in between). Instead, she should have gone in for a controlled use of embroidery and yes, fabric as well.

The attempt made to make them look as if they were made for the West Asian market looked convincing, but only in parts. But yes, Elton John’s pals surely made a kill for all of them!

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