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Attention-seeking tactics

The P3P know how to stay in limelight. Anyone who has basked in it will tell you, writes Anuradhha Kaul.
None | By Anuradhha Kaul, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON JUL 28, 2006 03:34 PM IST

Limelight’s so addictive. Anyone who has basked in it will tell you. No wonder, the swish set is known to pull all stops to be there.
Tactics like dressing loud, flaunting brands, throwing parties, are passé. Right now it’s ‘in’ to make bombastic announcements about equally grand plans, which of course, never see the light of day.

After all, why should anyone care for the ‘project’ when it’s very announcement sufficed to catch the attention?

Ritu Beri has had two such plans up her sleeve. In 1997, she had launched Ritu Beri Fashion Fraternity to set up fashion institutes across the country. And the next not-so-forgettable launch was that of her prêt wear range, Beri Sexy, in October 2002. Whatever happened to these projects?

Says Ritu: “After the launch of the Fashion Fraternity, I got busy working in Paris. I would like to take it up again one day. As for the prêt range, I wasn’t fully convinced with the plan as there isn’t enough professional acumen here.” So much so for the big plans.

Now this one is for the cause celebre. PFA (People for Animals) had organised a sale of designer T-shirts almost two years ago, with support from almost all designers of the city. It was reckoned as an annual fundraiser.

When we checked the status with PFA’s Ambika Shukla, she seemed unsure. But she did announce: “Soon, we will organise a sale of Raja Ravi Varma’s original oleo graphs.” Another plan?

Almost three years ago, designer Madhu Jain and model/ actor Milind Soman too had held a fashion show to launch an event management company. The ‘company’ hasn’t managed anything since then, though Madhu claims they are working on the ha ndicraft of Kashmir.

The list seems endless.

The plans get ingenious by the day. And the P3P continue to court cam eras and make false announcements.

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