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Belgium 'beauticians' to adorn Delhi

The Capital could see improved street lighting as one of the first improvement projects with the help of Belgium.
None | By Indo-Asian News Service, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 29, 2006 11:43 AM IST

Delhi, that has begun preparing for the next Commonwealth Games in 2010, could see improved street lighting as one of the first city improvement projects with help from Belgium.

A seven-member delegation headed by Belgium Minister of Economic Affairs Jean-Claude Marcourt last week called on Delhi Urban Development Minister AK Walia.

This is to discuss the possibility of working together for better street lighting, highway maintenance and sewage and waste management.

An upbeat Walia hinted at wrapping up more such ventures "within a year".

"We had a satisfactory interaction with the delegation and all the proposals put on the table have merit," Walia added.

He further added, "We know that Belgium has a good record of city maintenance and we are planning to take their help," Walia, also the minister for finance and planning."

"Since they offered their expertise, we will shortly send a five-member team of engineers to study the realities there in a more professional way. After that a final decision will be taken.

"As of now, we can say that the street-lighting proposal is almost final. Their streetlights are currently in use in front of the Delhi Assembly and the result is quite interesting. They have better illumination and look sleek," he added.

"After the final decision, all the existing roads and new roads to be constructed specially for the Commonwealth Games will have these lights. The Games Village will also have these lights."

"The government has drawn a comprehensive plan to develop Delhi as a world-class city (ahead of) 2010," Walia added.

But did not mention what kind of investments would be made.

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