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Biophotonic Energy: II

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
May 03, 2004 11:31 AM IST

Science has now confirmed that when we think in a certain way, we release biophotonic energy into blood, relaying information at phenomenal speed.

In the first section we examine the generation of energy in the body by means distinct from the well-known process of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in the mitochondria via oxidative phosphorylation. We encounter another more powerful, and orderly or coherent source of energy for bodily function that is generated by the action of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in water, blood, and aqueous solutions.

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In mitosis, no amount of cell growth can occur unless there is the involvement of ultra violet light. The biophotons necessary for mitosis are associated with cell growth and differentiation. These biophotons are distinct from the bioluminescent energy, and form the mediators of cell to cell communication, relaying information at the speed of thought from one end of the body to the other. So this energy is a bipolar energy, containing within it the energy producing capacity for mitosis, as well as for its bioinformational use.

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Once we understand both the expressions of this energy, it brings us closer to the truth of accepting ourselves as a complex of multidimensional confluence of diverse energy dynamics. It is as if we are living parallel realities in the same time and space of the body.

The Russian Academy of Sciences reports explain it thus: If we understand the body as a thermodynamic system operating far from equilibrium it starts exhibiting characteristics of chaos and structuring the energy for biophysical activity as a dissipative structure.

Within this dynamic, the human system does not exclusively exhibit entropy, the second law of thermodynamics, but may also operate on the principle of centropy. Here we understand centropy to be the electrification of matter, wherein entropy is reversed and order increases. It should be noted that the photon emissions are ultra-weak, and thus we are led to the principle that it is not the intensity of the radiation, but the order that counts. Here we discover that coherence is the fundamental property of biophotons, where biologic efficiency increases with decreasing intensity. Remarkably, biophotons are extremely coherent, even more so than human-made lasers.

The revolutionary implications of quanta and coherence effects in water and living systems, experimentally demonstrating that information can be imprinted as frequencies by the interaction of quantum and electromagnetic(e-m) fields within water as well as more complex living systems. Observed microclusters in water are likely to be a result of such field imprints. Here the blood seems to act with conscious purpose as a whole system or organ rather than an aggregate of cells; it functions as a holistic unity.

Monitoring of spontaneous and luminophore-amplified photon emission (PE) from nondiluted human blood (i.e., under resting conditions as well as artificially induced immune reactions, see Fig. 1) reveals that blood is a continuous source of biophotons that store their energies in EES.

So it is now confirmed by science that when we think in a certain way, we release biophotonic energy into the blood, relaying this information, electromagnetically, at phenomenal speeds, through every cell. The final link between our thoughts, which can create physical healings, is the obvious corollary of these revolutionary and amazing findings.

Please think before you start these processes in your bloodstream, you are warned that whatever you think, positive or negative, will be instantly transformed as a 'reality' message to your body!

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