Bizarre bars
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Bizarre bars

Wheelchairs for seats. Cocktails in syringes. Hobbits for waiters. Read on...

india Updated: Sep 17, 2010 08:21 IST

Last week, The, an online guide to all things cocktail-related, declared its list of the ‘7 Weirdest Places to Have a Drink’. Here’s a selection of the most bizarre ones from around the world:

1. Clinic, Clarke Quay, Singapore: What do you get when one of the world’s most controversial artists (he is known for works like a shark preserved in formaldehyde-filled tank), Damien Hirst, decides to design a bar? You get a hospital-themed bar with wheelchairs instead of bar stools, hospital beds in place of lounge beds, rooms shaped like pills, and cocktails served in syringes, test tubes and IV drips. The staff wears hospital garb. It doesn’t get trippier than this.

2. Big Baobab Bar, Modjadjiskloof, South Africa: Tree houses come a dime a dozen, but a tree bar? At this unique watering hole, you can drink inside the trunk of the world’s largest Baobab tree — a gnarled, 6,000-year-old giant that measures 155 feet around the base and can house 40 people at a time. Sit at a bench inside the naturally cool interiors and order a pint; the latter is cooled in a cellar inside the tree itself!

3. Hobbit House, Manila and Boracay, The Philippines: The “smallest waiters in the world” serve 100 beers at this popular Lord Of The Rings-inspired bar. Live music and a host of other entertaining acts are a regular feature. Tourists end the evening by getting their photographs clicked with the friendly dwarves.

4. Gallagher’s Pub, McMurdo Research Station, Antarctica: It’s a place where most humans have not gone before, nor will they ever get a chance to. That’s because Gallagher’s Pub is situated at the world’s end — inside a research station in frigid Antarctica. More of a nightclub, the place is popular with scientists and researchers looking to warm themselves up and do a spot of socialising.

5. Das Klo, Berlin, Germany: The pub’s owner had his creative eureka moment while sitting on the pot, so it’s little wonder that what he dreamed up was a pub whose name means ‘The Toilet’ in German. Around since 1971, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. You can choose to sit on either toilet seats or coffins. Food is served in enamel chamber pots, and beer in (new) urine sample bottles. Das Klo has several gags to add to the already bizarre theme — the bar stools rotate or change height randomly, gusts of hot air send ladies’ skirts flying, and you’re hit by an avalanche of paper mâché rocks every 10 minutes.

First Published: Sep 16, 2010 16:55 IST