I wonder how Modi is continuing as Prime Minister: Lalu Prasad

Claiming that the BJP of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah doesn’t know what has hit them, RJD chief Lalu Prasad declared their ejection from Bihar on November 8. Excerpts from an interview.

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Vinod Sharma
Vinod Sharma
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RJD chief Lalu Prasad addressing a press conference in Patna on Thursday. (PTI Photo)

Claiming that the BJP of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah doesn’t know what has hit them, RJD chief Lalu Prasad declared their ejection from Bihar on November 8. Excerpts from an interview:

Amit Shah says that anti-national forces will rejoice, that there will be festivity in Pakistan if the BJP loses Bihar. Your comments?

He has insulted Biharis on the whole, across castes and political allegiances. He’d get to know what the people think of him, his party and his leader when the poll results are out. Their nationalism is detailed in Golwarkar’s Bunch of Thoughts that reject the Indian flag and the Constitution. That man they called their guru had even attacked BR Ambedkar, exhorting the upper castes to shoe out the lower castes from Varanasi’s Kashi Vishwanath temple. In his own 2007 book Karmayogi, Modi claimed the Balmikis drew spiritual pleasure (adhyatmik sukh) while carrying human excreta. So we don’t need to learn nationalism from them. The inevitability of defeat has left them desperate. They played the Hindu card to communalise, to polarise by raising the beef issue. But our strong social alliance has blocked their design.

You and Nitish Kumar have also been accused of sheltering terrorists. Of being soft on them.

BJP is ruling the country. It is the Centre’s duty to check terrorism that has cross-border and global dimensions. Moreover, which terrorist did they locate and asked Nitish to act against? The PM had promised to protect the country. But we had Chinese troops sitting on our territory while he hosted their President. The people of Bihar aren’t listening to him. He has nothing to show... He’s levelling reckless charges against us to divert attention from his failures.

Modi has claimed that Nitish favoured a share of Muslims in the existing job quotas of backwards, Dalits and tribals. He says Nitish made a statement to that effect in Parliament in 2005.

I wonder how Modi is continuing as Prime Minister. Can reservation be there on religious basis under our Constitution? Nitish spoke in Parliament in a debate on reservations in private government aided institutions. He supported quotas for Dalits and tribals who have converted... Their claim is nothing but another attempt to divide people on communal lines. You will get the full picture of their nefarious designs if you read in conjunction Shah’s bid to drag in Pakistan and terrorism and the PM’s comments on reservations. If they are serious about the amelioration of Dalits, let them tear up Golwarkar’s book and denounce him as an evil thinker.

Isn’t there some truth in Modi’s taunt that Nitish didn’t seize your properties and those of his tainted ministers to punish you the way he punished corrupt bureaucrats?

That’s another BJP charade. There is no charge of disproportionate assets against me. And I’ve gone in appeal in the conspiracy case relating to the ‘chara ghotala’ (fodder scam).

How sure are you about the Mahagathbandhan’s win? The BJP sounds as much confident.

There’s no if or but. BJP’s ejection from Bihar is final. You are unaware of the ground realities as you don’t follow our public rallies the way you follow the Prime Minister’s. Some Delhi journalists were at my Minapur meeting in Muzaffarpur. Ask them about what they saw. They found it unbelievable. We are getting the support of all communities except forward castes that don’t count for more than 12% — minus the Baniyas and Kayasthas.


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