Boob surgery is on cards for Simpson!

The celeb confessed that she could undergo plastic surgery for preserving the beauty of her assets as she grows older.

india Updated: Dec 20, 2006 19:07 IST

One celeb who is not ruling out plastic surgery in the future is Jessica Simpson, who readily admits that she would definitely think about going under the knife as she gets older.

The ‘Dukes of Hazard’ star confessed that she is not dismissing the thought of turning to plastic surgery to stop the ravages of time on her body.

And, 26-year-old Simpson also told Britain's More magazine that the part of her body she was most interested in preserving, were her boobs.

"If my boobs ended up hanging round my waist, then I'd definitely get them pulled up!" quoted her, as telling the mag.

However, if there is one place that Simpson would not let the docs touch, it would be her face, for the singer admits that she likes the way she looks.

"I'd never have anything done to my face. I like it the way it is," Simpson said.

And though Simpson is “proud” of the way she looks, she does have a few “off days”.

"I'm proud of my figure, but if I'm having an off day I'll just throw on a trenchcoat and heels and go out," the singer said.

First Published: Dec 20, 2006 19:07 IST