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Boys' night out!

Loosen that stiff collar guys. Men need to unwind, just like women. And nothing better than a boys? night out. Read on.
None | By Hindustan Times, Mumbai
PUBLISHED ON JAN 22, 2007 08:16 PM IST

An average man spends more than 40 hours a week at work. Sleeping takes up another 40 hours. The week’s gone and the most fun he can have is by probably watching some silly film on television. Take a break, guys.. Tell your woman why you need to go out and party.

Relationships are built on communication, and you’ll never find a better example of it than this.

Loosen that stiff collar

Men need to unwind, just like women. And nothing better than a boys’ night out.

But partying with boys depends on whether you’re single, married or have entered the realm of fatherhood.

The more responsibilities you have, the more judgment you have to exercise. A single man doesn’t have to think about the consequences, but things change when a man is married.

Plan it out, properly

So, how does one decide to party?

For starters, any man will tell you that the best way to have fun is sports, booze and chicks — not necessarily in that order. The idea is to chill out.

Single guys never have trouble with this one. They can sit in a nightclub and get drunk without having to bother about going back to an angry wife.

Your level of “craziness” is directly proportional to the despotism of your spouse.

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