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British women guzzle it big!

Yyoung women in UK are out-drinking men of the same age.
None | By Asian News International, London
PUBLISHED ON MAR 21, 2006 08:32 PM IST

In a surprising revelation a study has found that young women in UK are out-drinking men of the same age.

Liver disease is now likely to appear at a much earlier age, said Moira Plant, professor at Bristol University. She further added that alcohol has become cheaper and easily available making it all the more difficult to quit the habit.

She warned that if young women in Britain continued to drink in this way, that they could present problems for the health service in the future.

“There are now young women in their late teens and early 20s developing liver damage that in the past was not being seen until the age of 60 or 70. Britain seems to be the only country in which women are overtaking young men in the 18 to 24 age group," BBC quoted her as saying.

The reasons women used not to drink so extensively was because they feared for their physical safety when they did, which it seems is not much of an issue for them now, she added.

Alcohol abuse is also linked with stomach ulcers, damage to the oesophagus and damage to the brain.

"Recent trends in women's drinking are certainly cause for concern, and we're pleased that this study shifts the issue away from simply being about alcohol-related disorder and the 'ladette' culture, and actually addresses the real health risks of drinking too much.

Health professionals have a crucial role to play in educating problem-drinkers about the health problems they could be storing up for the future," said a spokeswoman for campaign group Alcohol Concern.

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