Bush annoyed by US media war coverage

President Bush is irritated by US media assessments of the Iraq war, especially their questions about the duration of the war.

india Updated: Mar 29, 2003 09:40 IST

US President George W Bush is irritated by hand-wringing US media assessments of the war against Iraq, especially their questions about the duration of the conflict, top aides said on Friday.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, cited Bush's "frustration" with such media worries and especially with suggestions that the administration forecast a quick and easy victory.

"There's a difference between saying, 'what is your expectation about how long a war will last,' and some of the tone that has come out about 'why isn't it over yet," echoed White House spokesman Ari Fleischer.

"It is fair to say that ... Just like Afghanistan, we are seeing a repeat of questions being raised about 'why has it taken so long,' when the President is always focused on the fact that it will take as long as necessary," he said.

"The President believes ... That we are making very good progress in the war, it is on track, and he is very satisfied with the results," said Fleischer.

US media on Friday criticised the US-led war effort, even as military officials said logistical problems and unexpected Iraqi tactics will probably lengthen the conflict.

First Published: Mar 28, 2003 23:39 IST