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Bushwhacked by the price of rice

It’s high time we Indians and Chinese cut down on our food consumption. We should think of the larger picture, writes Mina Anand.

india Updated: May 06, 2008, 15:42 IST
Mina Anand
Mina Anand

‘What are you thinking about Mina?’ asked my husband, coming up to where I sat, lost in thought.

“About food and….”

“Ah, are you going to follow George Bush’s advice — eat less rice!”

“Absolutely. For an American President, he talks quite a lot of sense… It’s high time we Indians and Chinese cut down on our food consumption. We should think of the larger picture — of the problems of supply and demand… global prices... and….”

“But if you eat less, won’t you be a thinner picture, with more curves and elasticity?”

“That’s an added incentive! But you know what I mean — the greater good and all that... Bush is quite right. Just imagine, if we middle- class Indians go slow on our demands, prices will go down as well… you don’t have to be a Keynes to know that.”

“No, I guess you have to be a Bush, or a Rice to come out with this brilliant logic.”

“Yes, Bush is lucky to have such a seasoned Secretary of State at his side — great ‘food’ advice from the pricey Ms Rice….”

“Old George must be going by the adage -A ‘Rice’ in hand is worth two grains in the ‘Bush’-el! Ha Ha!”

“How much rice is there in a bushel?”

“Why — are you going in for rice farming?”

“No — I want to do a study on demand and supply, market equilibrium and all that… and as I am not an economist, I badly need help… this is a very specialised branch of economics — ‘Bushonomics’… Very few would understand its connotations….”

“Then why not call up Bush and Rice — for their original advice…”

“That would be too expensive — wait — I have it ! I’ll call up the IPL US cheerleaders — here in India!” “What on earth is the connection between scantily-clad pom-pom girls and the economics of rice and rising price?”

“Don’t you see? These US cheerleaders all have flat stomachs… so… that means they don’t touch rice… therefore less consumption — which results in lowering prices… So it makes sense to import these girls to India…”

“I give up… your logic is as twisted as that of Bush and Rice.”


“And listening to you — I am paying the price!”

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