Catch the master framer!

He?s not a trained artist. But Ravi Grover?s art is treasured by thousands in the creative world. He knows how to frame an art piece with a relevant theme.

india Updated: Jun 02, 2006 00:01 IST

He’s not a trained artist. But Ravi Grover’s art is treasured by thousands in the creative world.

He knows how to frame an art piece with a relevant theme.

“Paintings and frames are made for each other. I create a frame to suit the nature of painting. I believe paintings must not have the same frame. So I make different frames for different paintings,” says Grover.

He is the king of his Kraft House in Halwasia. But this did not come in one day.

“My father had handicraft shops in Nainital, Mussouri and Lucknow. I got inspired by my nana, who was a photographer and painter. I started painting modern to highlight some objects in it. My work got acknowledged,” he reminisces. Soon he realised that his designs of frames started becoming popular. “That was the turning point. I hired some artisans, gave them a concept and got the work done. Frames soon became my focus and my experiments started bearing fruits,” he recalls.

He not only creatively started making various designs of frames but also changed his attire. He grew the stylish French cut beard to get the artist’s appearance. When the first Lucknow Mahotsav was organised in 1975, he dressed himself as a Nawab and drew crowds. “That stunt gave me lots of publicity. TV was just launched and I made the most of it,” says Grover.

And since then there has been no looking back. The client list includes ace-painters like (late) Satish Chandra, (late) RS Bisht, (late) Avtar Singh Panwar to name few.

Now he sits cozy at his gallery of frames and people come to him with their paintings or photographs — rest if left for him. “My customers have so much faith in me that they just show me the work and I decide on colour scheme and design of frame. But, it needs a lot of creative experiment too.”

For paintings on theme of Awadh he has used sculpture as frame. The Lakki darwaza frame on the painting on Nawab Siraj-ud-daula is notable. Likewise, for painting on the theme of Egypt he has hunted for ancient Egyptian manuscript and mounted it on the frame boarder.

First Published: Jun 02, 2006 00:01 IST