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Celina jumps in blind

Feroze Khan's new film Janasheen (starring flop son Fardeen and starlet Celina Jaitley) carries the idea beyond ludicrous extremes.
PTI | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON AUG 12, 2003 06:44 PM IST

We all know that, willing suspension of disbelief is the secret formula for B grade Bollywood films' success but Feroze Khan's new film Janasheen (starring his flop son Fardeen and the starlet with oomph, Celina Jaitley) carries the idea beyond even ludicrous extremes.

Jaitley plays a "girl with a tragic past." She is also supposed to be a "world-famous" (in Hindi film parlance any less fame than that is unacceptable) violinist. Incidentally, to make people feel realllly sorry for his heroine he makes her "blind" too. Well, Ok we'll grant Khan his ideas and his plot.

But then trouble starts. None of the above criteria ensures that like other Hindi film heroines of today, Celina can drop her clothes at the drop of Fardeen's hat and show off her oomphy self to the world. And in a Feroze Khan venture it is clearly asking for a bit much.

So, Jaitley gets to do her skimpy world famous act (in a bikini) on the beach in a dream sequence - so that takes care of her sight and the director's short-sightedness! Little detail that water around a string instrument like the violin could only ruin its sounds some more- assuming of course that Jaitley's done her bit before that!

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