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PTI | ByVeena Minocha
May 08, 2004 02:43 PM IST

If mentally worried, then your mental health circle will diminish and lose its glow. If emotionally hurt, your emotional circle will take on a muddy colour.

It is exactly one year now that I have been writing these articles on how to create better health for oneself. If you have been following them, or even if you have not, it is time for your yearly checkout and update on your health!

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Physical health, and spiritual, mental and emotional growth are so interlinked, that they are like concentric circles, which are constantly changing their radii in proportion to the needs of the body at that moment.

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If you are mentally worried, then your mental health circle will diminish, and lose some of its radiance. If it is your emotions that are hurt or fractured, then you emotional circle will take on a muddy colour and shrink in size. But if, inspite of outer problems you keep going, to maintain an accelerated rate of spiritual growth, then your physical, mental and emotional circles will remain ever expanding, and radiate all the scintillating colours of the rainbow.

This will eventually translate into a perpetual glow on your face, and a radiance that will attract and magnetize all good things to you. Perhaps you will find yourself smiling all the time, and even get a sneaking feeling that people might think you are silly for sporting that lovely smile when their world seems so bleak and unhappy!

So how would you check out your health quotient? Ask yourself, how often have you been ill in the past one year?

How often have you had headaches, (a sure sign of a mental imbalance), or tenseness in the head and neck, perhaps spondylitis? If you have, then it's time for a checkout on how you react to pressures on your mind, and feelings of inadequateness in dealing with mental problems. These could be work related, or personal, but whenever we feel mentally incapable of finding a solution to a challenge, it overshadows the brain, making it incapable of functioning even further.

Solution: talk to God and your spiritual guides in your meditations, asking for the All Knowing Mind of God to give you the right answers! Simple, isn't it? Then be quiet and 'listen' for Him to reply!

If it is your fractured feelings you are dealing with, you will know, for you will feel a tightness around your heart charka, a feeling of hate towards the whole world, and an attempt to isolate yourself from everything. Take time off to do pranayama, that is controlled breathing exercises, while watching your breath. It simply works wonders!

Getting into the Cosmic Breath, as I have explained earlier, is the answer, when nothing else will matter for you, but that expansion of your heart into unconditional love.

If you have caught viral and bacterial infections, then your immune system needs overhauling. Strengthen it with spiritual exercises. Know that perfection is your natural state of health, and that you become attracted to germs only when you allow them into your body. Just, simply refuse to allow these insidious invaders, by strengthening your will to do so!

And if you are one who can look back at the past one year, and happily confirm that you have never had a day of illness, let me congratulate you! You have used your innate powers of perfection to project perfect health, wholeness and wellness into your precious life!

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