Click now, upload now

It’s not just cool but a necessity for Gen Y to share photos of them and their friends on social networking sites.

india Updated: Sep 17, 2010 08:17 IST
Anurag Gulati
Anurag Gulati
Hindustan Times

Click click click... “Show Me! Eew not good, take another one please.” This is just one of the scenes that goes on with today’s college kids. Everyone has gone a wee bit vain, and is off clicking pictures and sharing them on social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.

“Everyone is uploading pictures and it’s so cool. Whatever place we go, like for clubbing and partying, we love to show off how we enjoyed,” says Anisha Kumar, a student of Amity University, who regularly uploads her photographs on Facebook.

While some do it to share their moments with friends who are not in the same town, others do it for fun. Shipra Jain, a 2nd year medical student, loves to do the same. “My account has photographs of all the Delhi places I have been to, like

paranthe waali gali

, Purana Qila, random streets and various eating joints. But I didn’t enjoy Akshardham as cameras weren’t allowed inside,” she says.

With the picture bug biting everyone, it is no surprise that pictures are uploaded on these websites ‘asap’ (as soon as possible), the latest being as late as the next day. Aradhana Dua, a first year B.Com student at Venkateswara College, says “It’s a kind of addiction, I usually update pictures as early as I can”.

When putting up so much of personal stuff on a social network, privacy is obviously a concern. While Angad Malhotra of GTBIT college says he doesn’t have that problem, but he doesn’t upload certain pictures. “No couple photos on social networking sites because when your parents send you a friend request, you can’t exactly ignore it.”

Naina Khatri of IP University says, “I block all the people in my friend list I don’t want to show pics to”. When questioned whether she thinks its an attention seeking behaviour, she said, “Yes, a lot of people put up pics for attention, though I am not one of them.”

First Published: Sep 16, 2010 18:40 IST