Controlling objects of daily use

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
May 22, 2004 04:56 PM IST

In the New Age we have learnt to respect every inanimate object as a part of our lives, and which also vibrate, albeit at a very slow rate.

There was a time during the Golden period of Vedic times when everything exuded purity and perfection. Every object that existed was handled with true respect and reverence, and loving and nurturing objects of daily use was considered the only normal practice vis-à-vis them.

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Each piece was given its due importance, and recognized as a small part of life and living, without which there would be no completion possible. For example, the tools of the trade were deeply venerated. Household objects, like the water vessels, kitchen utensils, and even beds and bedding were given their due respect.

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As we moved through the ages, this feeling of respect for all objects that we used deteriorated to such an extent that that each one was taken for granted, used and discarded with no feelings involved.

The wheel has come full circle. In the New Age we have learnt to respect every inanimate object as a part of our lives, and which also vibrate, albeit at a very slow rate.

We are learning to extend our own vibration into the auras of these objects, so that they respond to our vibration, and produce the results that we expect from them. We are in fact, masterminding the vibrations of our surroundings, to bring them under our control.

Are you one of those who are constantly battling malfunctioning gadgets, and objects that seem to break or disintegrate when you touch them? Then it is time you learnt to vibrate in tandem with the vibration of these objects, to ensure their smooth and perfect functioning.

Take a good look at your attitude to all things that surround you, and are a part of your daily living. Do you always look at them in anger, or perhaps tolerate them just because they are there? Do you treat them as dispensable, useless items that you have no love for? It is time to change this.

Each object has an aura around it, and this aura reflects all the vibrations that are sent to it by humans, whom it serves.

Before you touch anything, look at it with love, and gratitude, for its unique place in your life. This simple act will create a loving nurturing bond between you, and it will most certainly respond to the thoughts that you are sending it. Try talking to difficult objects that malfunction at your touch, before you use them. This applies to all gadgets, including computers that crash at your glance!

Tell them how important they are to you, and ask them to provide you with perfect service, now and forever. Try touching them, or patting them affectionately, as you would a favourite pet. This is enough to do the trick of getting them to be your faithful servant and helper.

Now you are ready to mastermind its functioning. Take a few deep breaths, and breathe out love and affection to these objects. When you feel that your own aura is filled with these qualities, let this flow and surround it. Keep the intent of perfect functioning very strongly directed to it! Watch the results!

The most common side effect of this practice is that it makes you a happier and a cooler, calmer personality, for you are constantly sending out the love vibrations. This exercise also works with people who are being difficult, but remember, it can only be used for pure and good purposes. Any negative use, or wrongly directed energy will boomerang back onto you!

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