Cultivate Your Relationships...
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Cultivate Your Relationships...

This book deals with the delicate relationship issues in an interesting question-answer format.

india Updated: Dec 19, 2005 14:11 IST

Cultivate Your Relationships the Vastu Way
Prem Kumar Sharma

December 2005
Pages : 131
Price: Rs 115
ISBN: 81-7476-556-5

Relationships always matter a lot. They are essential for our existence. There is nothing worse or more painful than a broken relationship, as it gives rise to both psychological and physical traumas. On the other hand, healthy and meaningful relationships, add to our well being, bring joy to life. Therefore it is essentials the we can get the best out o0f it.

But it is easier said than done. Our relationships within the family and out of it are always being tested. We continue to blow hot and cold, under the influence of our moods that are largely governed by factors like ego, pride, love, hate and desire. There are times when we don’t want. It is when we don’t that the problems arise.

But what shapes moods? Vastu Shastra, the age-old science of Indian architecture, has a simpler answer. It is the building that we reside in, which influences us. If it is constructed as per the principle of vastu, happiness, prosperity and wealth will abound in the household, but if it is not, it can affect our relationships and us adversely.

Cultivate Your Relationships the Vastu Way is the latest offering from Prem Kumar Sharma, the renowned astrologer. In this absorbing book, he deals with the delicate issue of relationships in an interesting question-answer format. Each question poses a relationship arising out of or common every day situations and is answered, first by solving the problems and than by giving vastu remedies to prevent such problems from occurring again.

First Published: Dec 19, 2005 14:09 IST