Cycle libraries bring books to the newly literate

Pehel's mobile library is an initiative that keeps newly literate people in villages from slipping back into illiteracy.

india Updated: Mar 10, 2004 13:04 IST

Pehel's mobile library goes a step beyond the stationary rural libraries that are today keeping newly literate people in villages from slipping back into illiteracy.

Instead of bringing people to the libraries, it is taking the libraries to the people. The initiative is a boon for people who were hitherto unable to travel to faraway libraries to read and refresh their new skills, and hence, were in imminent danger of relapsing into illiteracy.

Pehel's unit is a bicycle borne library in a box, which consists of books of interest to a rural, adult reader. The books are low-cost publications by the National Book Trust and include stories, poetry, posters, cartoons and information on laws and rights.

There are three kinds of library boxes costing Rs 500, Rs 750 and Rs1000 respectively. On buying a library set, the buyer automatically becomes a partner of Pehel's Librarian Circle, making him a part of the larger campaign to ensure access to quality books at low prices for India's rural poor.

Each box also contains a guidebook for potential librarians, who may develop a systematic approach to book-lending using the peripherals given, including due-date slips and membership cards.

First Published: Mar 10, 2004 05:44 IST