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Dance of Time & Light

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
May 15, 2004 04:40 PM IST

Prospect of leaning against time to bend it, and nudge it gently into its new avatars, will soon be an idea whose time has come to present itself to human mind.

The human mind has conquered the speed of sound with its supersonic aircraft, on Earth, and in their Galactic Explorations. Breaking the sound barrier, once thought to be an impossible task, is a routinely accepted proposition, not meriting any emotions of wonder or awe.

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Experiments to conquer the speed of Light are however at a nascent stage. They present breathtaking concepts that could invert and subvert the entire human conception of how Time and Light intermingle in a Celestial Dance!

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When that happens, and we are now poised at the right time in scientific history for it to explode, we would probably be as close to understanding the way God's Cosmic Science works, as we could probably ever get! Or so it seems at this point, though I am sure that very soon there will open up a whole new Cosmic world to explore in the different time dimensions.

Fifty years back, the idea of satellite transmission of pictures and sound was a weird and far-fetched idea. The prospect of leaning against time to bend it, and nudge it gently into its new avatars, will soon be an idea whose time has come to present itself to the human mind. The interconnectivity between Light and Time can now be discussed openly, without sounding too much like a science fiction tale.

Light is the ethereal froth that forms the foundation of physicality. It needs its partner, Time, to precipitate a reality. Time is the pulsing of the rhythm of Creation. It can do anything that the divine plan desires. When Creation changes the order of its pulsing effect, a new dimension of time is born. This malleability makes Time a unique part of our physicality, which is based on patterns, of specific kinds of waveforms.

Now when we go close up to the patterns, which construct Time, we realize its infinite potential to change its waveforms, and deconstruct physicality, as we know it. So the myth that physicality that we see is a permanent sort of construction becomes hard to believe. The mind opens up to the invariable Dance of Light and Time, hitherto unknown to human minds.

Our calendars reflect the rhythms of the sun's Light moving across the Earth, and the Earth's inexorable rotational orbit around the Sun. These infinite, repetitional rhythms have brought to us the existence of Light in its various known forms of photonic particles. Through this we have just about understood, with our limited human capabilities, the presently known dimensions and realities, which we call the third dimensional reality. Galactic calendars also give a measure of the potential of any particular moment in this 3-D reality.

Playing around with the different parameters and waveforms of Light can alter Time, as we presently know it, and some of our scientists, in their quantum physics applications have managed to create Time displacements, but are not yet having the complete knowledge to understand the whole concept of the malleability of Time.

To be continued...

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