Deepening bonds

Penelope Winsley is all for making Indo-Australian bonds run deep.

india Updated: Jan 27, 2003 17:40 IST

Is there anything common between India and Australia? You might be tempted to utter an immediate 'no'. Both countries are miles apart geographically, poles apart culturally. One is an ancient civilisation dating back to a millennia, the other is just a few centuries old.

But "similarities galore only for the discerning eye", or so says Penelope Wensley, Australian High Commissioner to India.

"Both India and Australia are continents in their own rights," Wensley points out. "Both share a common colonial past. Both use English as their lingua franca. Both are thriving democracies. Both have a common passion for cricket. And incidentally, both celebrate their national days on January 26."

And Wensley is all for making these bonds run deeper. "India and Australia will be initiating a High-level Strategic Dialogue for closer economic cooperation, to curb human trafficking and to combat international terrorism," she happily informs. "The initiative is part of Australia's attempts to make India a major partner in its dealings with South East Asia."

First Published: Jan 27, 2003 17:07 IST